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Sampath Bank Online Payment _ is an internet service that provides online banking services like account opening, utility payments, transfers, etc.

As a customer, you can access these portals without any need to visit the local branch to process any form. That is why Sampath Bank Online Payment is one of the best deals for people that prefer mobile banking to in-person visits.

To cap the benefits of the internet services, Sampath Bank adopts a 0% interest policy on all expenses over an extended period.

So, customers with a Sampath MasterCard, Express Credit card, or Visa card can settle utilities accruing from local tariffs. Sri Lankan residents can get up to three (3) months by clearing an Rs.2700 payment.

SABS Partnership

In 2020, the media reported that Sampath Bank upholds the 0% interest rule for customers looking to pay off some utilities.

The customer will have to join the extended settlement plans, paid in installments to National Water Supply & Drainage Board (NWSDB) and Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).

It lasted till June 30, 2020, but not without cueing the Sampath Bank customer base about the string of offers that comes with transacting with the bank.

While it lasted, the offer was available to the beneficiaries through Sampath Bank’s partner, PayEasy.IK.

Also, the Sampath Bank Online Payment sped up the process, with Sampath Bank MasterCard and Visa card OTP carriers allowing cardholders to access the funds. Users can also opt for a balance transfer, moving the extras to a designated account.

We explain the account opening steps, balance checking process, and online payments in this post.

Read on below for details.

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Sampath Bank Online Payment: Open Account

Like the internet service aspect, Sampath Bank offers a corresponding online account opening self-help. It explains the crucial steps required to open an account with the bank.

Here are a few preliminaries to consider before starting the registration prosper.

  • Sampath Bank Online Account is only available to current account holders with the bank.
  • Regardless, first-time customers can also create an account through the online portal,
  • Also, the facility is available to customers without a Sampath Bank Credit Card.

You can check the official website for details about the requirements.

Subsequently, you can open the account through these steps.

Go to the online facility.

Check the Personal Banking section.

Select the account type from the list.

Open the link and select the user type (For example, you can choose Ladies Savings, Children’s Savings, Money Market, etc.).

When you click on it, you’ll get a drop-down menu offering available packages for the specified account. For instance, we checked the Teenage category and saw Sampath X-SETH Account, an exclusive package for teenagers. It requires the user to be at least 13yrs old and not more than 19yrs. Also, the user will have to balance Rs. 1000 in the ledger.


Each Sampath Bank Online Payment account has specific advantages summed up in three caches. They are _

  • Account Overview,
  • Key Benefits, and
  • Eligibility.

Check Interest Rates

You can check the interest rates that apply to the account you wish to open.

How do you go about it? Here is the step.

  • Open an account tier.
  • Scroll down to the subunits (typically in blue bar icons).
  • Then click on View Interest Rates (in a red bar with an inscribed bar chart).

Moreover, you can access a financial calculator from this section.

Apart from the account opening steps, the Sampath Bank Online Payment portal coopts other features like loans, remittances, credit cards, corporate credit, commercial credit, FCBU, and Corporate Finance.

How do you check your account balance via Sampath Bank Online Payment? See below for details.

Check Sampath Bank Account Balance

The entity makes everything really easy with the Sampath Bank Online Payment tool. Instead of using a card reader, the company provides a USSD that registers as a Missed Call, which receives the account balance details.

Here is how it works.

  • Ensure that your mobile phone has the SIM card used to open the Sampath Bank Online account inside it.
  • Then, enter these digits _ 011 2 30 30 80.
  • Finally, click on the dial button.

Sampath Bank sends the reply as a flash message containing your bank account details.

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