Royal Q Bot Review | Legit Quantification Trading, or MLM Buzzword?

Royal Q Bot Review: the company offers a bot-run stochastic portfolio, linking Binance and Huobi via its API, to all crypto traders globally. 

At first brush, it strikes as a math-heavy platform that impresses users with a relatable UI. But there is more to the website than mere math; there is a referral option and matching affiliate compensation plan.

Decidedly a Chinese crypto trading AI, the bot trader requires no auditing for most people. But that would be a mistake. Our Royal Q Bot Review explains some of the features of the AI and gives a verdict about its credibility. Read on below for more information.

Note: we do not presume to offer financial advice. Our Royal Q Bot Review is only for enlightenment and due diligence.

Royal Q Bot Review: Overview

Excluding a few vaguely-worded descriptors on Royal Q Bot, most of the services on the site are easy to understand. On account of its linking to Huobi and Binance, the platform offers an 80:20% margin, retaining 20% of profits.

Briefly, the key takeaways from this exchange are:

  • Uncluttered user interface
  • Affordable rates (actually a yearly activation fee and low commission charges)
  • Mobile app
  • Sophisticated Trade Instruments,
  • And 24/7 unbroken trading spectra for all clients.

Why is a bot necessary? To answer this question, think of Royal Q Bot as a precision instrument. Now, while you can spot profit, you can only hit the obvious signals. The app makes more profit than you by leveraging stats and a financial database. That is not all.

As our Royal Q Bot Review finds, the bot does not only determine the best market orders but sells the bids for huge gains. Aptly named, it is an automated trader, a crypto bot.

Instead of waiting on a retro-swing, you can use the Royal Q Bot to place the best calls despite market fluctuations.

Besides earning from the crypto market, you can refer people to Royal Q Bot and get commissions. We shall get to the referral part later. But you can learn more about the Royal Q Bot Quantitative Trading in the following section.

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Quantitative Trading, Legit?

If you do not have your financial math index handy, learn the meaning of Quantitative Trading from this clip below.

It refers to the way in which investors use computer technology, financial engineering modeling (sic) and other means to define and describe their financial operation mode in a very clear way to assist investors to make investment decisions, and strictly follow the set rules to carry out trading strategies (buy and sell).

On the one hand, the above is an analytical approach to arbitraging. Faced square on, it is only an algorithm that trades arbitrages. So, if you do not understand the trading model, do not get excited about Royal Q Bot yet.

Briefly, arbitrage trade buys or sells credit for differences (CFDs) in underlying futures. It strikes as a gamble to newbies, but the model is legal. Our Royal Q Bot Review finds that AI takes CFDs one step further. It uses hedge methods to brute-force large fluctuations. So, if you trade with the bot in this period, you can earn at least 5% (or 10% caps) daily.

But can you trust that Royal Q Bot employs hedge and trend trading? This is the major glitch about the supposed high-performance bot. Nothing affirms the Quantitative Trading on the Royal Q Bot website at the time of writing. 

Any prospective client would want a reliable audit of the Royal Q Bot, a recondite asset of its Chinese owners. Why is this necessary? Because any crank can tout crypto bots as a legit trader. The Chinese owners of Royal Q Bot would be imprinting its signature on the software if they would provide an audit on the website.

See the affiliate earning options in the following section of this Royal Q Bot Review.

Royal Q Bot Review: Affiliate Levels

Overall, there are six (6) Affiliate Levels (typical MLM rank) paying recruitment-weighted bonuses. Below is how they work, including the criteria for each level.

Level 1 (V1) _ available on registration and it pays $30 and a fixed percentage culminating from your downline

Level 2 (V2) _ available for at least three (3) personal recruitments and 20 GVs. It pays $40 for personal recruitments, 30% of profits from downlines, and $10 for new entrants in your downlines.

Level 3 (V3) _ remits a $50 referral bonus and $20 when new members register in your downline. You can get on this level by recruiting five (5) people, V2 members directly, and maintaining 100 downline volumes.

Level 4 (V4) _ remits a $60 referral bonus and $30 commission whenever a recruit joins your downline. Also, you can get this Level by recruiting eight (8) directly and three (3) recruits to the V3 tier. Further, you will have to maintain 300 downline volumes.

Level 5 (V5) _ available for at least twelve (12) direct recruitments, three referrals to V4 tier, and 800 downline volumes. It pays a 65% bonus, 55% of profits from downlines, and 5% for every new recruit.

Level 6 (V6) _ available for at least twenty (20) direct recruitments, three referrals to V5 tier, and 1500 downline volumes. It pays a 70% bonus, 60% of profits culminating from downlines, 5% for every new recruit, and 5% as Global Dividend.

Note that GV means General Volume in multi-level marketing lingo. See the following section of this Royal Q Bot Review for our verdict.


We previously mentioned the need for an audit. Now, we must emphasize the need for a securities license. Why? If you earn recruitment-weighted profits from a digital asset broker, you are eligible for indemnification at least. Again, the payment scheme seems to rely on referral volumes _ excusing the AI until an audit is available. If this were true, it would make the affiliate option a Ponzi.

Royal Q Bot promoters keep saying that the software belongs to a Chinese company. As often as a client hears this riff, he wants a corresponding proof: company name, AI audit, trade stats on Royal Q Bot.

Without an audit or live stats, the API-fitted software might be a ploy to trade on Binance and Huobi, passing them off as Royal Q Bot.

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