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Romance Tale: Here is an elaborate dating website for people looking to get their dream partners online, using a catalog of Asian beauties.

You can access various specs in this category, from China and Japan to Latin American countries, striking up romantic rendezvous with your hook up. For starters, you need only link up with accounts that suit your description: slim, thick, curvy, chatty, introvert, Latino, tanned, etc. It really boils down to what you want in a lady?

Romance Tale makes it convenient for users to connect on one platform. You do not have to worry about a vetting wall for some user locations since the deal is a level playground for all members.

But of course, you may want to learn about the applicable T&C (Terms and Conditions), pricing, and app features. So, we analyze these criteria in this article. Read on below for details.

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Romance Tale: Overview of the UI

Romance Tale offers an easy-to-use UI (user interface) to connect members to the platform.

Unlike the ads-cluttered display of most dating plugs, Romance Tale is neat. It also has a relatable features category, especially on the homepage. Here is the impression you’d get about the homepage.

Since the platform is a dating pro, members can compare it to a real-life hotel lobby, from where members can make reservations. Romance Tale has the same hotel-themed inference, providing all necessary dating primers on one page (the homepage, actually).

What has been left off the menu?

Although most online dating plugs prefer a color-splashed website brandished in the UI, Romance Tale tries a different path. Instead, it uses a simple, unpretentious design, putting the hues when they are necessary.

What you can expect

The site has lots of beautiful girls from different age brackets (as regards the age of consent for the members’ regions).

Users can date ladies and beauties from Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, and other Asian countries.

It only takes a few clicks on the appropriate buttons to do so without a glitch.

Then, prices factor into the picture in the long run (it is widely reported that the prices are on the steep side).

Also, users can access many features on their profile, including a string of intuitive prompts about how to use the site. How does the site work? See the section below for details.

First, Arrange Your Profile

You can get to grips with the in-platform dating activity on Romance Tale by setting up your account profile. Here is how it works.

If you have been active on any social media app, you won’t find this procedure any different from (say) Facebook or Twitter sign-up process. It basically involves the user details below.

  • Full name (Surname, middle name, first name, others)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Then, the user’s email address and password will be necessary. Password creation completes the profile account creation process.

As per optimal values on the site, users will have to fill in additional details in a separate slip, allowing the in-platform reference algorithm to connect them to their date interests. For instance, you might have to indicate your sexual preferences, marital status, height, current place of residence, etc.

But more importantly, the site will try to learn your hobbies and interests (in fashion, food, casual/day-to-day relationships, travel, etc.)

You get a Romance Tale profile when the above details are sufficiently available on your sign-up page.

Subsequently, you can participate in the dating pool using any of the methods below.

  • Send/Receive chats, letters, and messages (via TEXT CHAT)
  • Phone calls
  • Share videos and animated/motion attachments
  • Further, you can send/receive gifts via the platform.


Romance Tale does not have any mobile app (unless you want to download an APK from the provider website), but it has a free version. Of course, you will have to tolerate the ads on the basic free version APK if you don’t want to pay for the PREMIUM account (the one without ads).

Here are some things you can do with the free version.

  • View users’ profiles
  • Upload pictures and vids and access to the CS (you’d find it hard contacting the support, though)

Pros and Cons

Below are the pros/benefits of Romance Tale.


  • Options to date a list of Asian ladies and Latinas, using their profile (with bio attached) as criteria
  • Less bot/troll accounts than most popular Asian sites
  • An easy-to-use interface

Lastly, here are the cons.


  • Ads on the non-subscription user tier
  • Only APKs and the web source are available (you can’t download it from Google Play Store).
  • Moreover, there is no warranty for users.

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