Revolut Singapore Office | Revolut Technologies Singapore, 30 Cecil Street

Revolut Singapore Office: reach the office in Singapore at 30 Cecil Street, 19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712, and join its crypto boom.

Before its presence in the country, Revolut Singapore Office kept users’ expectations high amidst investment surges. If you are familiar with the challenger banking firm, you will appreciate the reportedly 34% revenue increase since last year. For many users in countries around the UK, that is a welcome development.

Currently, Revolut Singapore Office is available at the address stated above. The news bodes well for local users and international customers requesting banking services via Singapore.

If this article is your first contact with Revolut, see why the company is a reliable investment plug for you in this post. We offer more details below.

Revolut Singapore Office: Crypto Options

Besides mobile banking, groceries, sundry payments, etc., Revolut provides a crypto investment section in its mobile app.

At the start, the item was not one of the best options for investing in crypto assets. But Revolut augmented its mobile app features over the months, presenting a competitive crypto service recently. Why trade cryptocurrencies using the application? See below for answers.

Last year, online reports show that Revolut lost two hundred and seven million (207,000,000) Euros due to significant changes. Similar tolls, slightly less than the latest decline, were visible in 2019. However, Q1 2021 rejuvenates the company, ushering it into huge profits in its first quarterly records. That is a significant change in its pretax history.

Besides, making a big break in the crypto markets is rare. So, here is a chance to leverage Revolut Singapore Office for more wins in the profits in crypto investments. Revolut is the best go for rewarding fintech investments, cue its $5.5bn worth and EU banking license.

Revolut is also one of the first challenger banks to endorse cryptocurrencies in its banking features. However, at the time of writing, the service is optionally viable outside covered securities risks. Reportedly, the UK might not indulge Revolut’s bid to function with a full banking license. As in China, EU authorities may not encourage non-traditional banking methods.

Regardless, crypto trading and CFDs remain profitable investment avenues. So, the verdict is with the client. If, as a Singaporean, you wish to earn through the platform, ensure you use Revolut Office.

Moreover, the company could offer the following insurance protection via its Revolut Singapore Office (see the next section for more details).

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Registration and Services Protection

In case you wonder if the crypto bit rubs off other services run by Revolut Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd (RTSPL), read this section carefully.

As a business within the borders of Singaporean authorities, RTSPL is under the regulation of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as part of its Major Payment Institution category. In this regard, it operates with the licensed index, PS20200326.

The license covers Revolut for its services in the country, including the following:

Domestic Money Transfer,

Cross-border Money Transfer,

Account Insurance Services, and

E-money Insurance.

Besides mediating monetary transactions via mobile apps, Revolut is a registered agent offering insured products. Accordingly, the company has full corporation rights as vouchsafed by the Agents’ Registration Board. Also, you can see the index on the official website.

You can see there is no oversight on the part of Revolut as regards insurance. Moreover, the company is not merely a tentative money handler; it is a dogged digital banking facilitator. It has an impressive business history, including partnerships with local banks in the UK.

While Revolut charges small fees for non-premium transactions, it doesn’t risk the safety of your funds. That is the reason for partnering with UK banks. They serve as secure, licensed vaults for clients’ funds. Further, the entire arrangement operates under a UK federal regulatory agency.

Customer Support Services

So far, the Revolut Singapore Office is the best support for local clients.

A recent post on Reddit mentions a close shave with online scammers. However, the poster could lock his details using only the Revolut Card block. Generally, you can get similar services via the automated line, +65 800 852 6318. Of course, it demonstrates how customer support works efficiently.

On the whole, Revolut Singapore attempts to develop the best super-apps globally. Since its founding in the UK in 2015, FinTech probes innovative methods for digital finance. Correspondingly, it ensures that all its clients get reliable customer care services regardless of location.

Revolut Office in Singapore

Currently, Revolut is present in Singapore. Henceforth, the company is reachable at the address: 30 Cecil Street, 19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712.

Additionally, some sources suggest that the company offers good work conditions in the country, bar long work periods. If schedules fall through, it could see Revolut operating as a licensed bank under the European Union.

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