RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70 | Get RAWhatsApp Installed in Your Phone

WhatsApp users have a cart of varied WhatsApp Mod to download from currently. And with the new RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70, they experience a new and exciting part of WhatsApp.

Brief Description of RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70

By having an iOS-embedded UI, the RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70 is similar to RC YoWhatsApp. However, this new installation operates on a Foaud WhatsApp model. And this implies that the new app offers better features you do not see in the others. One of these improvements is the ability to preview content instead of downloading it first.

You can also optimally input as many as two-hundred words in your WhatsApp Status. To see more useful features on the new RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70, see the following section.


You can get the features below on RAWhatsApp iOS APK:

  • There are no restrictions on the use of the app in any country.
  • RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70 works on the 2.20.11 model.
  • You can make calls while on the RAWhatsApp APK.
  • More emoji changing options 
  • Options for viewing Profile Pictures up-close
  • Improves on the previous privacy options on the other RAWhatsApp iOS APK
  • Enhanced Theme Mods/Server options
  • Group-Specific Counters
  • More Options for transferable data size: 30MB as against the previous 16MB
  • Character inputs for Status’s Profile Bio are now up to 250
  • Amendment ticks/bubbles vogue Mod.
  • Preview contents
  • It has Activity features such as “Online” and Last Seen.
  • Separates Broadcast Messages and Regular Messages
  • Allows you to copy contents
  • RAWhatsApp iOS APK can take more files such as ppt, txt, Docx, zip, pdf, and RTF.
  • You can as well hide your time and username.
  • With the RAWhatsApp iOS APK, you can transfer up to ninety (90) pics.
  • Options for clicking on links while using the app 
  • You also do not have to worry about the sender/admin tag when you click on links while chatting. 

Improvements on the WhatsApp Mod Previous Installations

Here is the list of improvements on the RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70:

  • Voice Dilation. (It helps you to change the pitch of voice messages.)
  • Allows you to preview before sending a text while chatting. It includes pop-up stickers showing chats you did not preview.
  • The RAWhatsApp iOS APK installation also allows you to remove emojis permanently.
  • Better group message-sending options
  • It further has a long-running period before expiration.
  • Moreover, RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70 has colorful designs on its Homepage.

You can see the complete list of enhanced features on the RAWhatsApp iOS APK download website.

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How You Can Install the RAWhatsApp iOS APK 

It is easy to download the RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70 into your mobile phone. Just follow these steps below:

After successfully installing the app, you can follow these steps to recover your WhatsApp chats:

  • Open the RAWhatsApp iOS APK, 
  • Write in your Phone Number,
  • Click to verify the number
  • Then click on restore.

More Information about The RAWhatsApp iOS APK

The RAWhatsApp iOS APK has new designs and options that maximize your experience on the app. So, these additional details about the app may be of use:

The RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70 was developed by Ridwan Arifin.

RAWhatsApp has a file size of 50.0 MB, and it is known as RAWhatsApp APK.

Being a recent WhatsApp Mod Installation, RAWhatsApp is version 8.70 and plays only on 4G android devices or more.

WhatsApp Mods are useful products that come at affordable prices. Since this particular installation is better than previous ones, you should download it to have a better WhatsApp experience.

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