Quality Vacation Club Review | Timeshares South Africa, Pros & Cons

Quality Vacation Club Review: the platform, operating out of South Africa, provides timeshare destination spots for travelers.

The QVC address is Mooikloof Office Park East, Atterbury & Jollify Main Road, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. QVC runs a catalog of vacation plugs, availing clients of fascinating destinations.

One frequently emphasized aspect of QVC is its variety and elite locations, which are affordable regardless. Also, the QVC office in South Africa guarantees an unmatched choice of tourists attraction cast in recreational themes.

However, the company seems to cut a poor image with many users, given the pile of negative feedback. Our Quality Vacation Club Review explains the features of the QVC platform and highlights the pros & cons. Read on below for details.

Quality Vacation Club Review: What Can You Get From QVC?

Do you want a holiday in style, fashion, and vogue? If the buzz and bluster of routine city life are taking a toll on your yearly trip plans, consider a vacation planner for a change. Quality Vacation Club (QVC) delivers services in this category to people visiting South Africa, regardless of the reasons for travel.

Quality Vacation Club Review: What you need to know

Not a Portal (see the website)

The service is not an all-in-one holiday destination portal. It provides consultation to clients as a preamble to check in to a suitable entry with QVC.

For the most part, the best service is shared ownership (Timeshare Ownership) of the holiday location. We will explain this part later.

The reasons for travel don’t factor in the service.

As we mentioned at the start, QVC caters to the various travel needs of customers in a sophisticated servicing term. The process typically allows holiday trippers to enjoy the best deal for the duration of their stay.

The Target

Instead of merely pointing out the best resorts and hotels (like a newbie vacation plug), QVC combines expertise, experience, and connections to provide relatable services to clients.

In the long run, the clients’ key takeaway is satisfaction. How does this work? See our Quality Vacation Club Review section below for an explanation.

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About QVC Timeshare & How to Buy It

About Timeshares, Generally

Timeshare is multi-membership joint ownership, with the partners as property owners according to the shared time. In this sense, participants get fractional ownership times for the property.

It employs some technical structures, reflecting one-week incremental ownership interests. What does this mean? Here is a breakdown.

Based on a weekly model, timeshare gives the owner 1/52 units, while 1/26 units go for purchases on a monthly plan. The figures represent interests accruing to ownership rights, which aggregates over the purchase validity period depending on the Timeshare Ownership.

Subsequently, a Timeshare Ownership right allows clients’ to occupy the contract property (mostly resorts and detached apartments) on two schemes.

  1. Floating Week
  2. Fixed Week

Some timeshares set an occupancy period in the year, during which a part-owner can use the resort (or any other property) in any arbitrary week (Floating Week).

Other timeshares, however, set a week (Fixed Week) regardless of the year or interest accruing to the client.

Rent a Quality Vacation Club Resort in South Africa

The platform offers an intro stage, allowing the investing QVC partner (any client looking to get the timeshare service) to assimilate the property. So, QVC provides a rental option upfront, although it does not require everyone to rent first.

Also, the company leverages subsidiary affiliate workers to resale timeshares and provide on-the-spot technical advice to clients. (Always verify an affiliate at an SA regulation index database)

Does our Quality Vacation Club Review give the company a pass? No. Besides the impressive list of resorts, clubs, and resalable timeshares, negative reviews cloud any headways QVC hopes to make with its current business model. We highlight the pros and cons below.

Quality Vacation Club Review: Pros and Cons

Here is an overview of the positive sides to QVC and (subsequently) the negative part.


  • You can resale timeshares.
  • The platform provides choice destinations for affordable pricing.
  • It leverages subsidiaries (at least for reselling purchased ownership units), making the processing time faster.
  • You have a chance to experience the resorts by renting before investing your money.


The biggest issue of the detractors from QVC is the negative feedback from customers. It negates most of the points on the Pros.

  • Poor Customer Service
  • Instances of unprofessional service
  • Hints of hidden charges
  • Scam flares

Conclusion: Should you invest in a QVC timeshare _ Yes or No?

Caveat: we do not provide financial advice or serve as a reference to prospective QVC clients for any business.

Our Quality Vacation Club Review finds many negative replies about poorly-run QVC services, which extracts fees despite the status of the requested service. The worst-case scenario is a review from a customer alleging at an unredeemed timeshare for which QVC deducted a year’s worth of management fees.

Is it a scam?

The company seems to have some merits since it offers resorts in South Africa. However, some customers allege that QVC offers loads of scams for services.

You can opt for rent first to ascertain the involved terms of service before purchasing a timeshare.

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