Qtrade Login | Unregulated Broker Offers Margin Range Volumes

Qtrade Login: the membership sign-in webpage is currently showing Robot Captcha, denying access to the web login page.

But there are affiliate links to consider as well. So, you can access the option if you want. What can you expect from the company anyway?

Members can trade on the platform using borrowed funds, earning $15 pip-tied ROIs from trades going on for ninety days. Also, the Qtrade affiliate [plan has a blanket compensation plan that pays remittals down three levels of the unilevel lattice.

How it works

A member, X, recruits Y and Z to the first level (directly below X). Y and Z each recruit two others, creating four available positions in the second level (directly below Y and Z). Other newbies could similarly build their downlines in the same pattern.

When the positions are multiples of two (2), the entire lattice is a Binary Team. A unilevel uses as many positions as the affiliates can find.

The model works on this model down an infinite level.

The Qtrade Login gives access to the mix, anyway. So, you can access the backoffice for accumulated commissions/bonuses due to generated Margin Rang Volumes. In this case, Qtrade offers as many as five decimal places using $15 pip. Thus, payable commissions are set to $15:100.

Every ROI in a referral tier is then a multiple of this ratio.

Does it mean you should invest your money into the company then? Not quite, not if you care to make any headways at all. Qtrade isn’t the first forex broker to provide incorporations in St Vincent and Grenadines. And like the rest, its supposed legal prop is a sham since the country doesn’t recognize it.

Read below for details.

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Qtrade Login: What it Offers

Many reviews pick holes in the offer from the company. It is a restrictive term if it’s not an overly stretched spread. For one, trading with Margin Range Volume is requisite to get by on the platform, leaving no room for one-off traders. Impliedly, every trader is an affiliate already.

Right off the bat, newbies get a whopping 1:1500 spread!

If you have some experience trading forex, you’d know that this offer is a trap door for any trader. It stretches the conventional risk upper bound, exposing the trader to unwieldy volatility.

Further, Qtrade offers FTXM, commodities, indices, and ETH.

Why is this a problem?

It bespeaks fringe brokerage, unregulated by the National Futures Association (NFA). Typically, brokers that fail to cooperate with the FSA don’t have enough capital to take on the liability that comes with the job. Also, they don’t guarantee any security on the traders’ funds.

If you wish to trade with this broker, after all, use the Qtrade Login procedure in the section below.


We only explain the login procedure for enlightenment. Our readers are free to act at their discretion.

How to Sign in to Qtrade

You can access the Qtrade Login portal using the steps here.

  • Go to the official Qtrade Login site using the HTTPS link. (Alternatively, use an affiliate link if available)
  • Click on the sign-in slip icon.
  • Enter the relevant details.
  • Then, click on Login.

Final Words

The island of St Vincent and Grenadine does not issue any forex brokerage license. It also doesn’t regulate the trade. So, Qtrade incorporation in the country Is only of cosmetic value, conferring zero protection on your investments. Choose wisely

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