Profit Connect Review | Supercomputer Profit Generator, Legit, or Scam?

Profit Connect Review: although not registered with a securities regulator, it offers deposit slots for investments in its Wealth Builder AI.

It is also the usual story of an anonymous operator(s) brokering undisclosed securities. Typically, the company’s promoters only explain the investment cache and corresponding withdrawal periods. Hardly do they explain the underlying trade Profit Connect’s Wealth Builder runs.

As it happens, our Profit Connect Review finds a few details about the platform, and we share them in this post. Read on for more information.

Profit Connect Review: Overview

Supposedly run from an undisclosed office in Las Vegas, Profit Connect operates as an AI services vendor since 2009 (according to the website).

The apparent owner of Profit Connect, Eddie Kona, shuffles the sole operator/joint CEO line. In social media posts, he mentions he is a joint-owner of the company but refers to himself as the owner in a video.

Also, his career crosses the path with a PR stint for iMarketing using Profit Connect as a front. Currently, the latter emerges with Eddie Kona running all operations as a CEO.

For lack of a reliable digital footprint, Kona’s links to iMarketing, however short, might be enough to give any shrewd investor some serious thought. Previously, iMarketing, now operating as IM Mastering Academy, had to pay heavy fines for breaching regulatory requisites.

Although this Profit Connect Review could not pin Kona to iMarketing management, it mentions his part in selling the brand to the public.

You can see the membership criteria in the following section.

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Profit Connect Membership

You can participate in the company’s earning program via the three options below.

Gold ($499) _ this is the top hierarchy package on Profit Connect and its subscriptions only work for a month.

Silver ($259) _ available for one month, it is the level below the Gold cache.

Bronze (49) _ works for one month.

At first glance, our Profit Connect Review finds the same prod typical I MLM affiliate programs. While low investors struggle to meet demands, their efforts are served up to top-chain clients. High investors, on the other hand, will have to meet stringent sales targets to stay on their affiliate rung. 

So, what do members get to sell? See the next section of this Profit Connect Review for more details.

Profit Connect Review: Products

Accruals in the following products, which are investor tiers actually, are paid out yearly as Annual Percentage Rates (APR).

Below is how it works:

Wealth Builder VIP _ pays 30% APR for a deposit of $250,000

Wealth Builder Home Equity _ pays 20% APR for deposits in the range of $30,000-$1,000,000, and then 50% Home Equity Lien, and 50% of deposits in US dollars.

Also, Wealth Builder Unlimited _ pays 20% APR for deposits in the range of $1000-$1,000,000.

Wealth Builder Youth _ earns you yearly 20% (APRs) for deposits in the range of $500-$30,000

Wealth Builder _ earns you 15% 

Moreover, Profit Connect affixes a spreadsheet to all the investment caches above. Anyone in touch with the MLM business model can see that an investment that remits 15%-30% returns requires a security regulator. Our Profit Connect Review discusses this part of the platform in the next section.

Unregulated Securities

We already mentioned that Kona has links to iMarketing, an unregulated bot marketer, he carries over this status to his company.

In unacerbic terms, his company is culpable for fraud if it has no license. If the cards are set on the table, however, Profit Connect is an intentional Ponzi. How?

Bar Kona’s personally alleged links to banking intermediaries, which might be a ruse, he mentions a liaison with US feds. 

As proof of this claim, Kona’s Profit Connect highlights a NAICS number, which merely indexes companies. The brunt of scrutinizing securities for fraud is run by the CFTC, however. And Kona does not have a CFTC registration for Profit Connect. 

It suffices that the NAICS collates companies, industries, firms, etc. but the thorough investigation as per securities is the CFTC purview.

Besides his vague reference to frequent communication with the government, Kona has no proof of any regulatory license for his company. So, to give a semblance of normalcy, he mentions that Profit Connect is not the trade typical broker.

As you can see from discussions in this Profit Connect Review so far, investments in the company fetch back profits to clients. In this regard, Profit Connect qualifies as an investment avenue. Simply denying this fact will not change it.

So, the picture is that of a watered-down MLM evading regulation through doublespeak. 


Our Profit Connect Review concludes on the following notes.

So far, there is no proof of any supercomputer that generates profits on Profit Connect. If there is, the company would strike as a seminal philanthropist platform since it offers the public a magic box for multiplying incomes.

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