PrivaFund Review | PrivaFund Legit or Scam, CEO, Packages, Sign-up

PrivaFund Review: Get a detailed review about the PrivaFund Packages, mode of operation, and the verdict on the credibility of the website here in this post.

What is PrivaFund? Who owns the entity? How do you enter any of the PrivaFund investment packages online? You can get answers to these questions here in this article.

Also, the PrivaFund website has been bustling with positive reviews from customers who enjoy the company’s investment packages. But are these signs propitious for your investment capital and ROI especially in an MLM company? We also intend to find out in this post. So, stay with us.

PrivaFund Review: Company, CEO, and Business History

Like other Multi-Marketing companies, PrivaFund plies its digital trades in cryptocurrency and other products deriving from the crypto market. On a visit to the Company’s official web page, you can see a brief description of the company’s services in a placard. It reads:

“The first globally decentralized fully automated DEFI platform with permanent fund accessibility”

(The complete article is available on the website)

Based on this, we can infer the company primarily offers investment opportunities in multiple crypto ventures. You only have to open an account on the website to start earning from the company. Also, the same message on the platform says the CEO of the company is Stephen Harding Rowe. At least this suggests that the company will take some responsibility for the capital of its investors.

Does this mean that the company is legit?

There are still a few cliffhangers regarding the company’s business history. The company is a legal entity registered as PrivaFund Capital Management LTD, United Kingdom. However, the company might have another branch operating under dubious terms since the business history of both PrivaFund and its owner do not exist.

Further, no renowned financial regulators in Europe affirm the eligibility of PrivaFund Company. This makes many people hesitant about the company.

Also, our PrivaFund Review gathers that the company promises 100% risk-proof financial securities to investors. If anything, this might mean that the company is desperate to accumulate capital while offering no blueprint on how it intends to deliver on its contract.


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PrivaFund Review: Updates about PrivaFund Operations

Registered for a website domain in Germany, PrivaFund communicates through German as the main language.

Also, our PrivaFund Review gathers that automated stats tracking the activities of several MLM Companies globally show that the busiest traffic in the Company is from demographics in Europe. With Australia accounting for a huge chunk of the customer traffic, PrivaFund is most active in Europe.

Further, the platform only shows an investment cache without offering any products. This also confirms that the PrivaFund has unitary investment anchored in cryptocurrency only. So, how can it pay 100% profit regardless of the mounting risk it may run into with growing customers? 

PrivaFund may turn out like most MLM companies offering huge Returns on Investment and disappearing when it goes bankrupt. This is only a speculation, though. Regardless, any firm offering investment packages should insured business plans. 

Affiliate Ranks & Eligibility

Our PrivaFund Review also includes the Affiliate Ranks and eligibility criteria of PrivaFund. You can check out the value of each rank below:

  • Referender _ for a $5000 threshold downline capital
  • Associate _ for at least $15 000 downline 
  • Senior Associate _ you need a $50 000 downline threshold to enter this rank.
  • Counsel _ this requires a $150, 000 downline threshold
  • Salary Partner _ requires a $350, 000 threshold downline in your binary teams
  • Partner _ you need at least $500 000 cumulative points in your binary teams (total earnings from your downlines)
  • Executive Partner _ to enter this rank, you need a $1 000 000 threshold downlines.
  • Directing Partner _ is the highest rank on the PrivaFund website, and it is available for at least $3, 000, 000 downline.

There are other packages and bonuses from the company in our PrivaFund Review. See the sections below.

Qualify for Referral Rank & Earn a Bonus

This section of our PrivaFund Review is about the bonus awards due to each Referral Rank on the platform. You can view the referral bonuses below:

  • $100 award for entering the Referender Rank
  • You also get a $1000 bonus award when you qualify for the Associate Rank
  • Further, you can get a $5000 bonus award when you qualify for the Associate Referral Rank
  • The Senior Associate Rank earns you a $5000 award
  • $10, 000 award for the Counsel Rank

Correspondingly, you will earn $30 000, $50 000, $80 000, and $200 000 when you qualify for the following ranks:

Salary Partner


Executive Partner

Directing Partner

PrivaFund Return on Investment

This Review on PrivaFund also gathers that the company pays Return on Investment by using a unilateral payment ladder. Any new referrals to the company earn you a step up on the ROI notch.

Also, this framework allows customers to diversify their investment options on the platform by earning through ROI accruing from disbursed referral links.

Further, this ROI plan is renewable when your referrals reach phase 8. After the peak value, you can get the following ROIs depending on your level at the time you wish to withdraw:

  • 5% for levels 6, 7, and 8
  • 10% for levels 4 and 5
  • 15% for levels 2 and 3
  • Lastly, level 1 has the highest ROI (30%)

Further, the company offers 5% of profits as proportionate bonuses to investors in different ranks. You can get this bonus if you qualify for any of the Referral Ranks on the Company. See the accruing bonus for each rank in our Priva Fund Review below:

  • As a referender, you have a stake in the 3% Company Pool Share Bonus
  • Associate Rank entitles you to stakes in the 5%Company Pool Share Bonus
  • Senior Advocates, Counsels, Salary Partners, Partners, Executive Partners, Directing Partners have 8%, 11%, 14%, 17%, 20%, and 22% shares in the corresponding Company Pool Share Bonus.

How to Register on the Platform

You may wish to register/sign-up on the platform after reading this PrivaFund Review. If so, use this procedure:

Get the referral link from a PrivaFund Affiliate

Then use the link to create your PrivaFund Account.

Visit the website.

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