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Primevault gives you a chance to earn a steady income online through transparent investment packages. Do you want to earn extra cash while contributing virtually no labor to the investment? If earning extra daily token appeals to you, then read about Primevault online investment program.

Like many companies paying investors for sharing sponsored posts or ads, Primevault is the middle-link between posts and ads sources and the investors. But with the current packages available on, you can as well earn profits from this platform. 

Primevault: Overview and How It Works

Most reviews conclude that the online investment platform must be all about sharing Primevault-sponsored posts and upgrading to higher investment plans. This is, however, not all that the company offers.

Besides simply clicking to share a sponsored post on the company website, you can become an affiliate marketer for Primevault. Generally, the company offers open investment slots for any willing investor. 

But how exactly does it operate? Primevault works on very simple models. Once you register, you can join the Primevault-forum and create, share, or watch content. The platform also allows you to earn profit for every video you watch on it.

Additionally, through a three-pronged business approach, the company avails you of opportunities to earn from:

Owner of Primevault

The company seems to execute managerial duties very privately. The owner of the website is anonymous, and his incognito status raises suspicion among prospective investors. Purportedly, it is due to security issues. But many of Primevault’s customers prefer to have a risk-proof analysis of the company’s investment strategies before moving to higher investment plans.

Despite the unclear details about the owner of Primevault, the company continues to pay daily to its registered members. So you can weigh your options and, maybe, consider registering with the company to start earning right away.

How You Can Register on the Platform

To register on Primevault, you need to follow this procedure strictly (and ensure you have all the requisite information at the ready):

  • Using a suitable Web Browser, go to the official website here
  • Click on the “Sign Up” option at the top right-hand position
  • The “Register” page pops up. Then you can proceed to fill out the blank boxes in this order: full name, username, email address, phone number, country, password, password confirmation, coupon code, and Referred By. 

Note: as you will need a coupon code to finish up the registration, click on the coupons option on the homepage to get it.

Quick View of the Membership Packages

Below are the membership packages for registered users of the online investment platform:

Premium Plan

This package is the starter plan option for newbies on Primevault. It only costs N3 000 to sign up on the website. And it also pays a Daily Bonus of N50, N100 for Task Earning, another N100 for sharing an ad to your social media account, and N1000 for each person you refer to the website. 

Gold Plan

 With the Gold Plan Package, you can slightly higher than an investor in the Premium package. Here is how it works:

You can register directly for N5 000 and start earning a login bonus of N100 daily. Additionally, you get these daily profits as well:

  • N150 for doing a bid,
  • N150 for sharing an ad,
  • And N1 200 for referring one person to the website
Ultimate Plan

 The highest tier plan on Primevault is the Ultimate Prime. Briefly, its daily profit description is as follows:

  •  N7 000 for registration
  • N150 for logging in to the website per day
  •  It also pays N350 when you perform a task peculiar to the plan
  • An additional bonus of N1 500 for referring one person to the website

 Moreover, all membership subscriptions are only valid for a 30-day month. Once it expires you can decide to opt-out of the program or continue, regardless of the plan you subscribe to. Since Primevault pays a high ROI, about 50%, to investors, you can more profit by subscribing to higher packages.

 You can earn on the Primevault website in these ways:

  • Daily signing into your Primevault account
  • Sharing specified posts from the platform to your social media account 
  • Watch the sponsored YouTube videos
  • And also, by being a referral for the company.

Further, you must not be a referral to earn from the company. Even on the lowest Membership Package, you can earn daily profits without referring anyone to the website.

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Earning Options

You can also participate fully in the website by enlisting in any of the following Primevault Earning Programs:

Affiliate Commission

 As soon as you register on the Company Website, you become fully eligible to work as a referral. And as a referral you can earn per individual you refer to the website in this way:

  • If the person you referred to the website buys the Premium Package, you will earn N1000
  • Also, you can earn N1 200 if the person you refer to the website registers in the Gold Package
  • Lastly, you earn N1 500 if you refer someone to the Ultimate Package. 
Peer to Peer Investment

Using a hybrid Tadashi lending system, the company allows you to earn as high as 50% Return-On-Investment in this category. Over a two weeks validity period, you can earn half what you donate to a peer on the platform.

You can also run the transaction progressively by paying 20% as a recurring commitment.


Prime Vault also invests money in cryptocurrency. In this way, it can pay its stakeholders 1.5% of the earnings from Etherium and Tron.


You can earn an additional amount from the company by becoming an E-Pin Distributor. With several E-Pins, say ten (10), you earn #200 per sale. And there are upgrade potentials for competent E-Pin Distributors. 

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How Do You Withdraw Profits from The Website?

You can be able to withdraw at least N5 000 from the website after the normal 30 days maturation period. Also, you can only withdraw your earnings on the platform from the bank. 

If you opt to withdraw money from the site, you will wait three (3) days for banks to run the transaction before you can be able to withdraw. Usually, it does not take up to seventy (70) hours.

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