Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game | Not Working? Fix & Hacks

You can Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game with just a smartphone or PC, stable Wi-Fi, and enthusiasm, using cheats to clinch scores.

How long does it take for a newbie to get the hang of it? As soon as the player clicks on the first few intro buttons, he is well on his way to experiencing a gangster game simulation.

The tricky part is that several million (seven and a half million roughly) gamers share the fad for this Facebook Thuggish recreational piece. 

Also, gangster intrigue is one of the trendiest topics in entertainment. Well, for one thing, life is too broad a script to play out in as short a span as a lifetime.

So, instead of throwing in with the mortal risks, why not play a game simulation on your smartphone? Facebook prefers the latter option to the former. Hence, the Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game manual, boot icon, and other tools are on your Messenger app.

You can benefit a lot from this game, including exploring the shady world of gangs merely for enlightenment.


Facebook is not, in any way, encouraging unruly or criminal behavior by coopting the feature in its service. It is only for fun, like all harmless games.

Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game: On your Phone/PC

Facebook stokes the gamers’ interests by shifting from the usual grab-and-run model to a complex layout.

What does this mean?

It means you can take a swipe at cops and gangsters alike, juggling drugs sales and robbery in a virtual big city.

But that is not all. You also get feel-good moments with foods, drinks, club lighting, and other thrills to enjoy at the parties.

Further, the games move from being simple to coopting legal overtones, consigning captured criminals to dark cells in the Prison.

At this point, you can get as many as nine (9) players to prop your chances of success. The Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game manual also includes a City Hall item in its features list for advanced levels of the game, of course.

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Details _ Role Assignment and Gadgets

Note: the scenery is set in a city, prompting the use of urban street-fight weaponry.


The gist is that cops and thugs are at loggerheads, with either one trying to rip the other apart. By default, the software is the cop. So, you play as the head/lead of a clique in a US city, attempting to expand your gang’s territory and earning the respect of rival groups.


Since everything centers on the plot explained in the Details above, you organize the gang to clash with the authorities.

Note that the object is to win Respect points. So, you start an episode with some thugs and cards, clinching the win by reaching Respect first.


Here, you get an assortment of tools for optimal success. It can be any of the following:

  • Weapons,
  • Tactics, or
  • Ole Fashion Muscle.

Subsequently, the target is to acquire territories from other gangs while fending off cops.

Would you like to learn how it works? Do you wish to get into the thick of it already? If yes, see below for how-to-start details and Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game steps.

Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game: Procedure

You do not need many gadgets to play this game. All you require is a Facebook account, a Facebook Messenger app, internet connectivity, and (of course) enthusiasm.

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi (preferably use mobile data).
  • Open Messenger (or check here).
  • Enter Thug Life in the Search option.
  • Once the result displays, click on the Play Game icon.

You can play the Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game without a glitch after fully downloading it into your smartphone or PC.

Not Working on your Smart Phone? Fix-It, Game Hacks & Cheats

As long as the feature is part of the Facebook Messenger app, it works for everyone.

The only problem is not following the set-up procedure accordingly. Also, consider getting the latest version of the application to ensure it runs smoothly.

If the above tips do not help the situation, consider these troubleshoots:

  • Check internet connection and
  • Check data balance (Play Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game UI will not function without active data).


You can get ahead of the fighting rackets as a player by using the Facebook Messenger Thug Life Game cheats below.

  1. Install Cheat Engine into your smartphone.
  2. Now, enter your gamer coin value (once Cheat Engine is securely synced to your Messenger app).
  3. Then use the following command sequence: click on any coins followed by CTRL-A.
  4. Finally, you can now edit the value by entering a different number, likely to earn you the Respect score.

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