PiggyVest Savings and Investment Platform, What You Need To Know

PiggyVest can help you overcome unnecessary spending while investing your money pending when you intend to use it.

Generally, everyone who intends to make the most out of their daily income, however little it is, should read our article on this topic so they can learn how to do so. PiggyVest helps you to check against extravagance and invests the money instead.

Sometimes you can get that itch to go on a spending spree. Even when your money is deposited with a bank, you will still have to pay for VAT and minor deductions for maintaining your ATM. 

You can earn more over time and stop these expenses using just PiggyVest. 

What PiggyVest Is All About

The erstwhile PiggyBank rebranded to PiggyVest in 2019. Following this change, the company has continued to provide better services to users in Nigeria and elsewhere. 

The company was founded by Odunayo Eweniyi and Joshua Chibueze as the first savings-only platform in entire West Africa. 

Initially, operations were focused on savings. Then the scope was expanded to include investment opportunities. And the millions of Nigerian investors using the platform proves that PiggyVest delivers just as they promised.

The company has been persistent in ensuring that people learn how to “…better manage and control their finances”. This is the company’s motto.

Offering just 10% to 12% interest on investments per annum, PiggyVest aims at helping you cultivate a healthy saving habit. 

Savings and Investment Categories on PiggyVest

The company’s better savings and investment policy provides different categories catering to the needs of different customers on the website. We discuss these in detail below:


This allows you to save money either every week or every day. This plan is automated to save a fixed amount for you. But you can skip this any day you do not have money.


Driven by the aim to invest in huge markets, PiggyVest avails you an option to invest in industries and production companies that are leaning towards agriculture.

It tracks the trending stocks and invests a given amount of money that will be payable after some months. This usually comes with an appreciable interest.


PiggyVest uses this savings option to stash your savings away on lock. This means that you can access it after a specified period. 

You might spend the money scheduled for a future event. Use a safe lock to save it where even you cannot access the funds until after a certain period.

 When you lock an amount in a safe lock, you can retrieve it after the period you wish to have it locked but not before. 

Core Savings

The Core Savings category takes 5% from the amount you saved with the company if you withdraw money on an unspecified day.

Using the account, you can fix certain days to make a withdrawal. When you withdraw any amount on a day you did not specify initially, you forfeit 5% to PiggyVest.

This savings option helps you to resist the urge to spend on a whim.

Also, if you are prone to fanciful spending, this can help you reduce it.


Using this option, you get to save a fixed amount with PiggyVest. The automated plan will save up the amount you specified every day, week, or month depending on your preference. 

Visit the COMPANY WEBSITE to create an account today.

Incentives and Bonus

PiggyVest awards bonuses to users who invite others to the platform. The reason for this is to encourage growth and induce a saving habit into the company’s myriads of customers.

NOTE: If you invite someone to the platform, you are known as a referral.  

As a referral, you can get 1000 naira for every single person you refer to the site. However, you can only place the referral status after spending substantial time saving on the website and writing your own experience about the app. 

The savings experience that you will write about, possibly about the performance and quality of service, is known as your Piggy Stories.

When you refer someone to the app, the person also gets a 1000 naira bonus. But he/she must meet the following criteria first:

  • Have a minimum of 100 naira deposit in his/her flex acct.
  • Savings of at least 1000 naira in his/her piggybank wallet
  • Savings of at least 2000 naira in his/her safelock account.

Just ten days after you meet these criteria, you will receive your payment through your flex wallet.


This savings and investment platform is very reliable. Billions of Nigerian SMEs have been using this to ensure against going bankrupt. 

PiggyVest is a legally operating firm. Also, thousands of non-Nigerians are using the app to save and invest money currently. You should visit the platform to start saving NOW.

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