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PiggyVest Login: besides saving your money with the company, you can grow your finances at comparatively high rates/interests.

After years of running cross-border transactions via a continental go-between like the Western Union, indigenous Fintechs began probing local solutions to daily finance in Africa. Several of these endeavors pivot on banks and banking subsidiaries. However, few daring companies bring investments to the locals without resorting to banks.

PiggyVest is one such company. Also, the brains behind the enterprise belong to Nigeria’s influential youths, with Eweniyi Odunayo and Joshua Chibueze as founding, stalwart CEOs. Subsequently, medium-scale businesses (SMEs) began to leverage the PiggyVest mobile app for long-term optimal yields, if only as a tour de force.


You can do a lot more with a PiggyVest account besides waiting on an accumulated profit (calculable from interests on Piggyvesst savings). How do you get started? First, you need to learn the PiggyVest Login procedure.

Second, you should know the service cache and the best options for you. Finally, you can join the PiggyVest community as a viable social and financial leverage.

Read on below for more information about the company.

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PiggyVest Login: About the Company (Who Owns PiggyVest?)

The company, PiggyVest, is the creation of Eweniyi Odunayo and Joshua Chibueze.

Its business roadmap trials Odunayo’s commitment to providing accessible local solutions to financial hurdles. Her first attempt is a social event media platform, Wine and Wine. FemCo would follow closely, with Piggybank capping the rise to an actual Fintech product.

Piggybank (as the flagship brand) was dropped for PiggyVest when executives opened the company to a more profitable portfolio than a mere savings site. Currently, the company offers services ranging from savings to investments.

As it happens, the following clip from the site captures the ultimate goal for the app.

“To give everyone the power to better manage & grow their finances”

What you need to Know about PiggyVest

The previous brand is Piggybank Ng

Although the business timeline remains undisrupted, PiggyVest first launched as Piggybank.ng on January the 7th in 2016. During this period, the scope of services hinges on savings as the peak value for users for three (3) years.

User base increases after rebranding to PiggyVest

2019 saw PiggyVest on a different and better career path. Users can invest and save money at once, often contributing billions to the investment pool. Currently, the company records over three million (3000000+ ) users and a following in the diaspora.

Moreover, you can access five-set financial growth avenues in the product cache via the PiggyVest Login portal. Read on below for details about the products.

PiggyVest Products

The products are the saving options for people intending to use the platform optimally. You get the following five plans in this category.


Piggybank works in the same way as the small boxes stowed away under the bedroom bed for saving money. If you invest in this unit, you get an automatic plan that carries out the process based on preset guidelines.

However, you can opt for a Weekly or Monthly savings plan.

You get 8% interest and three withdrawal periods per year (an effective savings plan) if you use Piggybank to save money. It is a good way to put paid on frequent spending.


Do you know that the company offers an investment option? If you want a reliable high returns portfolio, try the Piggy Invest cache for a change.

Depending on applicable plans, you can earn up to twenty-five percent (25%) on your investments. Also, you don’t have to wait for long periods to receive compounded accruals since investment periods only last a half-year (6 months) or twelve (12) months.


Alternatively, you can invest funds in the PiggyVest Safelock for periods ranging from ten (10) days at minimum to a hundred (100) days at maximum, earning a 12.5% interest p.a. upfront.

Do you want a groupie option? See the unit below for details.

Target Savings

Instead of going the long period on the strength of your savings alone, involve friends or other savers in a groupie Target Savings cache.

What’s the deal for you?

You earn nine percent (9%) at the end of the day as a Target Savings user.

Flex Naira

While most savings options in the previous units are budget-oriented, Flex Naira focuses on extraneous pressures on your wallet, allowing you to face financial emergencies with a full pocket.

PiggyVest describes it as Flexible savings for life’s emergencies. Flex Naira earns you eight percent (8%) per annum.

Below is how the PiggyVest Login procedure works.

How to Sign in to PiggyVest

You access the PiggyVest Login portal via the following steps.

  1. Go to the web online login page.
  2. Enter your PiggyVest Login email address (or phone number) and password.
  3. Then enter your password.
  4. Finally, click on the Secure Login tab. (See the arrow in the clip below)

Is It Secure?

Yes, your money is secure with the platform. PiggyVest prioritizes the integrity of user information, providing 256 bits SSL encryption against hacks and malware attacks. So far, there are no reports of malfunctions in the app.

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