PGI Global Updates | $140 Withdrawn, Legit, or PR Signaling? History

PGI Global Updates: a PGI Global client uploads a video on Pinterest cueing a $140 withdrawal from PGI Investments, despite its Ponzi start. The promoter explains that the company consistently pays him due ROIs without extra charges or hidden fees.

However, a careful look at PGI Global’s history of offering multi-level marketing services shows that it is not all that its PR retinue says it is.

Our article on PGI Global Updates focuses on RV Palafox’s career as an MLM key promoter since it generally affects the credibility of the company.

Read this PGI Global Updates post for more details.

PGI Global Updates: CEO’s AirBit Prelude

You might be figuring the connection between PGI Global and AirBit. The possible link stems from PGI Global’s CEO, RV Palafox, a key promoter of the Philippine MLM business.

Also, RV Palafox is a noted promoter of cryptocurrency ATMs for over-the-counter exchanges. For a while, the famous AI kit ran media rounds in popular journals, and then it disappears from the public radar. Palafox retains some relics of the crypto ATM program, although it is modified variously.

This PGI Global Updates article finds bits of Palafox’s previous signature crypto-bot-trader in his current MLM career. The company mentions that it has an ATM marketing outfit in one of its faceted crypto ventures

Also, it offers customers an affiliate earning option. But this trend already occurs in AirBit Club.   

Created in 2015, AirBit Club offered investment packages to clients. Based on its bitcoin mines, the company pays accruals through an unusual matrix structure that covers a referral’s binary team. 

Although it is reportedly run by a mix of South Korean and Philippine Admin, the platform does not mention any CEO. It also doesn’t mention any office locations. Subsequently, international clients, wary of a 33% ROI whisked from thin air, began to pull out of the company slowly.

Moreover, this PGI Global Updates finds that Palafox currently runs his MLM business with every luggage of crypto trade carried over from his previous companies. That MLM business is Praetorian Group Investment (PGI) Global.

P/S: Ramil Palafox is allegedly implicated in a human trafficking incident that involves two victims bound for Dubai, Palafox, and an accomplice. Our PGI Global Updates cannot confirm that this man is the same as RV Palafox, without further evidence.

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PGI Global Website Suspended

Following a concerted effort to source the career history of its CEO, the PGI Global website appears to be suspended.

Later, the company issues a notice, dated 28 June 2021, that pins its lull in internet activity to a problem with domain registration.

Subsequent PGI Global Updates mention that the company will resume operations once it rectifies its website issues. It also mentions that this problem is handled by a body, not specifically the domain provider.

The notice ends with PGI Global assuring clients that they are not pulling an exit card, as some reports allege. Despite the pacifying tone of its message, PGI Global would later close limit comments on their social media handles.

Moreover, sleuths find that the company has credible domain addresses overseen by a legit provider with good patronage. In this light, PGI Global could not have had a domain problem. Also, PGI Global’s reference to issues with a body, instead of its domain provider, prompts the suspicion that the web domain is the surface of a deeper, undisclosed issue on the platform. 

See the affiliate sign-up criteria in the next section of this PGI Global Updates.

Affiliate Sign up Criteria

While crypto ATMs are legit for running Defi transactions, they do not constitute the investment portfolio of a mega crypto trading company like PGI. The PGI Global Updates show that the company relies on recruitments influx to increase its reach.

Typically, PGI Global offers the following membership packages for a bitcoin deposit (rendered in fiat).

Diamond _ for a BTC equivalent of $500,000 in your PGI Global Account on Binance

Emerald _ for a BTC equivalent of $20,000 in your PGI Global Account on Binance

Ruby _ sells at the BTC equivalent in the price bracket, $1000-$10,000

Sapphire _ sells for the BTC equivalent in the price bracket, $100-$500

Clients can recommit to a package with $19 after a yearly period.

PGI Probes Prospects in Kala Coin 

After its company website decline, PGI Global records increased withdrawals by clients.

PGI Global Updates show that the company issues a notice hinting at a cryptocurrency project (Kala Coin). Supposedly, the crypto coin would yield a profit on an internal swap counter run by another MLM platform. Its aftermath proves to be less capitalization as the coin tallies zero increases on any pair off. As it appears, the token lacks value as per its ICO launch.


This section of our PGI Global Updates concludes on the following key points.

By all indications, there is no crypto robot trader on the PGI Global platform.

Instead of brokering Defi securities as it posits, the company provides all shades of referral schemes. Its payment model is many steps higher than the typical hierarchies in MLM matrix cyclers. For instance, a binary team pays recursively down eighteen (18) levels, with commissions accruing on a weaker binary side.

Moreover, the $140 withdrawal posts and similar PRs are preludes to trademark MLM Ponzi, especially when there is no disclosed underlying investment.

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