PGI Global Support | 200% ROIs & 93% Efficient 2hrs Response Time

PGI Global Support: geared to provide remittals peaking at 200%, Palafox’s PGI Global boasts of its above 93% routine service response time. The webpage for this support program features a list of direct inboxes for quick-help services and…well, more services like a crypto ATM prepaid and marketed by the company.

Also, there is a multi-level marketing program in full swing for several months now, which offers different tiers of affiliate packages to prospective clients. This article covers the PGI Global Support services and shares a preliminary history of the company and the CEO.

Read on below for more information about the PGI Global Support cache.

PGI Global Support: Overview of Company

PGI Global Support: the crypto MLM Company is spelled in full, Praetorian Group Investment (PGI) Global. Its CEO is Ramil Ventura Palafox, who already has a previous start running multi-level marketing businesses. Below is a bit of his career history.

 RV Palafox is a household image in the AI marketing network. In one of these gigs, Palafox was the second principal executive of PGI Global, a high-toned project that adapts bots for crypto-related investments. He previously worked with AI Trade, Mark Davies’ artificial intelligence platform.

The end of AI Trade is a typical MLM exit hype, a frenzied algorithm trade-gone-wrong due to undisclosed issues. At the time, it was suspected that AI Trade, like its several versions, was propped by a Ponzi scheme.  

Given his continued appearance in top hierarchies of crypto investments, Palafox reportedly launches seminal crypto investment avenues in the Defi niche. However, his career path is reportedly strewn with unsavory MLM ventures ending in alleged Ponzi. 

Regardless, Palafox is within the purview of public research, where a detail like his house address in Australia is readily available, unlike most CEOs of MLM platforms.

See the scope of PGI Global Support services in the next section of this article.

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PGI Support Email Addresses

The PGI Global Support system covers all tiers of investments and customer care service in the company. For instance, it provides a link for creating a PGI Global Wallet on Binance. In tune with its advertised response time, the company verifies an account within two (2) days.

Also, there is a considerate PGI Global message offering Zoom sessions that explain some requisites to some customers. It includes help with signing up on the platform. Further, the company mentions that customers will have to buy an affiliate package immediately on registration.

Briefly, the services are:

A General Direct Inbox for general information about the company and its services. The email address is

There is also an email address for direct withdrawals and another email for a pre-requisite registration.

As the company runs an affiliate investment program, it offers a link for inquiries about its bonus and referral commissions.

Moreover, it offers a cash-withdrawals card, PGI Debit Card. A client can get more information about it through the email address on the website.

The above services supposedly reflect a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, a new marketing edge of MLM platforms.

See details of PGI Affiliate Packages in the section below.

PGI Affiliate Packages

As a prelim, PGI clients buy an affiliate Package, tallied to BTCs, when they sign up. You can see the dollar equivalent of the packages in the list below:

Diamond Package _ available for at least $500,000

Emerald Package _ available for the price range of $20,000-$100,000

Ruby Package _ sells for the price range of $1000-$10,000

Sapphire Package _ sells at $100, minimum price; $500, maximum price. 

Note that the packages above are valid for one year after which you can renew your rank with a $19 recommitment in BTC. 

See the worth of the PGI Global Support in the following section.

Credibility: 200% ROI and Bot-trader

All the services run by PGI Global Support hinge on the company’s crypto ATM marketing as an underlying asset that churns out an alleged 200% ROI.

However, there is no evidence of an AI crypto algorithm sourcing remittals for reportedly thousands of investors in PGI Global Packages. More so, the company services strike as the typical MLM middling referral program, where promoters only market coupons.

Coupled with the above remarks, a statement by the PGI Global CEO, RV Palafox, suggests that the company runs a predominantly MLM Ponzi scheme. The statement mentions a 1% daily profit that racks up double the investor’s deposit amount in over two hundred days. This makes up the 200% ROI advertised by PGI Global. 

Although the CEO explains off any suspicion as to the Ponzi nature of the payment scheme, he fails to offer an alternative investment that earns PGI Global an alleged 3% daily profit. Again, this strongly hints at a Ponzi scheme, bolstered by Palafox’s short gigs in other short-lived MLM businesses.

On the whole, the PGI Global Support services only help to channel funds to a company that does zero crypto trade despite claiming it has an AI crypto trader.

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