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Earn huge profits from your investment in any of the PetronPay Packages in this post. Also, learn more about the company through this PetronPay Packages Review. This post further contains all the information you need to Register/Sign-Up on PetronPay easily. 

You can get enough information to help you pass an informed verdict on the PetronPay Packages, its payment methods, and how you can enter any of the company’s profitable investment offers. Stay on this post.

How it works

The PetronPay Packages are available to any customer who meets the entry-level capital for any of the packages. To begin investing on the platform, you can learn about the investment methods below:

  • First, the company allows you to earn as an investor, and
  • Second, it allows you to earn by propping up your profits through its referral bonuses.

It further allows for a bilateral earning scheme by providing options for customers to earn through referral programs and their investments at the same time.

To invest in the company, you only have to register for any of the company’s investment package on the platform. You can earn more by opting to invest money and refer people to the company. This plan is higher on the investment notch of PetronPay Packages. So you need a $30 registration fee to enter this level. 

Further, it pays $30 daily and offers about 400 Binary Points as Bonus.

PetronPay Packages: Schemes and Company Goals

PetronPay Packages are a cart of volatile investment options from PetronPay. The strategy involves making profits from fluctuating prices in the global oil/gas/petrol economy. This investment triptych initially offers investment packages to just one million customers.

Currently, PetronPay has expanded its business structure to include more investment. It also allows you to invest in the PetronPay Packages with just a little capital. Moreover, the company accepts only bitcoins as a mode of payment.


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How does the PetronPay Packages investment work?

It involves offering different entry levels for customers to invest in the Packages of the company. Then the company pays you 0.2 – 2.5% ROI for five (5) working days. Your investment works up a cumulative weekly profit for you depending on the PetronPay Package by fetching at least 0.2% profit every day.

Packages and Accruing Profits

Broadly, PetronPay offers three earning options like Referral Programs, commissions to Binary Legs, Daily ROI. Also, the company speculates on volatile derivatives in the Oil/Gas/Petrol sector to provide better investment plans.

On the website, you can get these investment packages and the profits accruing to each package:

PetronPay Referral Packages

Here, the company offers six tiers of referral commissions. You can get the following percentage profits depending on your referral level:

10% for the levels six (6), five (5), four (4), three (3), and two (2).

The first (1st) level has 50% profit, however.

PetronPay Bonus

Moreover, you can earn a further fifty-percent profit on your lower binary leg. This shows that PatronPay is similar in operation to a Multi-Level Market Company.

Available PetronPay packages

On visiting the PetronPay Official website, you will see these investment packages in full display:

  • Barrel $25 _ offering 0.2% – 2.5% ROI daily profit and 6% on your Lower Binary Leg. (Note: registration is $5 for this package)
  • Barrel $50 _ offering 0.2% – 2.5% ROI daily profit and 12% on your Lower Binary Side. And you can enter this package by signing up on the platform for $5.
  • Barrel $99 _ this package offers 0.2% – 2.5% ROI daily profit and 25 points as Binary Bonus. You can also enter this level with a $10 registration fee.
  • Barrel $249 _ remits 0.2% – 2.5% ROI to investor daily. It also offers fifty (50) binary points as a bonus. However, you have to register for $15.
  • Barrel $499 _ pays 0.2% – 2.5% ROI daily profit and 100 Binary Points as Bonus/Commission. (Registration Fee is $15)
  • Barrel $999 _ pays 0.2% – 2.5% ROI daily and offers 200 Binary Points for a $30 registration fee.
  • Barrel $1999 offers 0.2% – 2.5% ROI daily. Also, the registration fee is $30. It further entitles 

Register/Sign-Up On PetronPay

You can sign-up/register on the website using these steps below:

(Before start, you need a referrer. So, get a referrer)

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to the Register Form
  3. Then enter the requisite details.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions

P/S: ensure you enter your details correctly. 

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