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PetronPay Ghana is an online investment platform. It is also one of the biggest trading platforms of petroleum dealing on operation and investment in oil assets that generate solid profits for investors. Investments with PetronPay Ghana provide volatile assets to the company’s investors. 

About PetronPay Ghana

Petroleum as the biggest investment product on our platform and the chief source of energy in our world also serves as most people’s investment product due to the strong volatility that allows the speculation in the increase and decrease of prices.

Therefore the best and simplest way to trade oil is through online speculation with something’s which are based on another source.

Also, due to the difference in price rate in a short period, trading oil is relevant. That is why the use of the PetronPay Ghana platform is a good opportunity for investors. It also offers an expansion plan that enables partnership operations, sharing profits, networking/marketing, and authoritative bonuses.

Login/Sign-up On PetronPay Ghana

To login to your PetronPay Ghana account, use this procedure:

Enter your login details or your email you used in registering, and then enter your password used in signing up. 

Steps to follow:

  1. Enter your referrer’s name
  2. Provide your username, 
  3. Enter your real name,
  4. Enter your e-mail address, 
  5. Repeat your e-mail address,
  6. Choose your country, 
  7. Mobile phone number,
  8. Then enter your password.

If can’t remember your password, click on the ‘forgot password?” button, enter your e-mail address, then click on “recover my password”


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PetronPay Ghana Review

Is PetronPay Ghana a scam?  PetronPay Ghana is new multi-level marketing, did someone approach you, and ask you to invest in Petron pay, or have you seen an offer, and now you are opposing if this is a real deal or not.

Do you already know that PetronPay Ghana operates as multi-level marketing?

In this review, we are going to see how the company works, what kind of product they trade, and soon enough you will know the answer to the question; is PetronPay Ghana a Scam?


PetronPay Ghana is a digital investment company that invests in petroleum and other oil products 

Also, PetronPay Ghana operates as a multi-level marketing company, but it has no retail sales, this multi-level marketing company has no product to sell. The only profit a member can make is from recruitment. 

According to what is said, Petron Pay is considered a pyramid scheme, and it is greatly recommended to keep away from the company.

Petron Pay is an investment company where you can trade a package (your investment) for a given price.

 This is an unregulated company therefore the main problem is that unregulated companies are not sincere and easy to trust.

PetronPay Ghana – Useful Information

This company was established in 2019, also their website was documented in December 2019.  

According to the website, the CEO’S name is John grant. Some would think that such a business has a profile on LinkedIn, including the CEO. 

He has only an Instagram profile that is reachable from the company’s website. 

Is Petron Pay a Scam? As said earlier, the website is not up a year old but the traffic observed that rose a few months earlier means that individuals dependent on false-intact visits the site and likely buy their products offered by Petron pay that is why we concluded that it is better to keep away from the Petron Pay companies.

Is PetronPay A Pyramid Scheme?

If a company works in form of multi-level marketing and has no product to sell, it is said to be a pyramid scheme. In a nutshell, the consecutive way how people in the company make money is by recruitment. Such schemes are illicit in some countries, simply because the “model” isn’t sustainable. The ones making the money are ranked, while the most lose the money. 

According to the pyramid scheme no product so far has ever reached the end-user. Based on this, PetronPay Ghana can acts as a pyramid scheme

PetronPay Prices/Packages

The range of prices starts from $26 to $2,000, the only way to purchase these packages, is by using a cryptocurrency (bitcoin).

Is Petron a pay scam? There is no item or product an individual can buy or purchase. This is to conclude that Petron pay is just a pyramid scheme. The company is not what it claims to be.

Moreover, when you invest with PetronPay Ghana, they use your money to trade by purchasing low and sell their product at a higher rate and share the profit they gain with you on daily basis (Monday to Friday). They trade with your money and give you 1.5% of the share. you can make a profit by giving membership to other members. For instance, you buy the Barrel 25 package and become an affiliate. 

PetronPay Non-Referral package

The following are the non-referral packages on PetronPay Ghana:

Notice: you can only buy products from the company with bitcoin.

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