PES 2021 Mobile | Konami Recently Announced PES Season

Are you a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)? There’s a recent PES season update on 15the September known as PES 2021 Mobile. 

Hopes of getting a new game from Konami have been dashed by the pandemic. However, the company has managed to avail game lovers an update such as PES 2021.

Parallel projects are being undertaken by Konami currently. This includes updating the much-awaited PES 2020 mobile and kicking off PES 2021 mobile’s pre-open period on 15 October.

Konami has also commenced work on PES 2022, intended to drive a change for PES gamers around the globe. This closely follows on the heels of the company’s exit from Fox to Unreal.

Komani has announced the release of the season update on PES 2021 Mobile on 15th September. See HERE

And that is not all. Users who are able to download the update by the release date at (UTC) 23:29, are promised an incentive Black Ball special agent. 

Previously, eFootball PES updated users on their plan to enhance the mobile app. It appears that the waiting period is finally over. You can finally get the newly released PES2020 mobile!

PES 2021 Pre-Open Period

The PES 2021 Pre-Open period is 15th October.

You can play games in this period as they are sustained on the recently released team data. The PES 2021 is available any time before October 22, at 11:30 am (IST time).

Your game settings will remain unchanged even when it finally starts online. 

PES 2021 Mobile Pre-Open Events

The pre-open period is packaged with thrilling events such as:

European Clubs Challenge (PvP)           

This can be gotten in the interval _ October 19, 10:30 am (IST time) to October 22, 5:29 am (IST time)

European Clubs Challenge (VS COM)

This can be gotten in the interval _ October 12 to October 22, at 5:29 am (IST time).

These events can be accessed within the time in which they are available.

Events and Agents 

PES 2021 online service commences on October 22, at 11:30 am (IST time). The following is the list of available events and agents when it finally starts:

  • Iconic Moment 
  • Spanish League Tour 
  • POTW: Oct 22 ’20
  • Spanish League Challenge, and also
  • Login campaign for eFootball PES 2021 will be launched

While you anticipate these events, enjoy the PES 2021 mobile in the Pre-Open period. Always refer to the carryover guide by PES if you are still using PES 2020.

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