PBX Trading Review | Premium Business Reimaging, Credibility

PBX Trading Review: formerly operating as Premium Business before its hasty closure, PBX Trading offers MLM earning options.

It is also public knowledge that Premium Business/PBX Trading initially took a statutory lull from the Philippine Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). And as the facts leading up to the closure reveals, PBX infringed on Philippines regulatory policies.

The MLM Company is back as PBX Trading, and it already raises concerns in trusted MLM Review journals online. It offers high ROIs to investors in cached Affiliate packages.

What else is there to learn about the platform? You can read through the rest of this article below to get more details.

(Note that we alternatively use PBX Trading and Premium Business , since the former is a refurbished Premium Business.)

PBX Trading Review: History, License Issue

As you can infer from its brief absence from the internet, PBX Trading closed after an SEC branch probed its services. But far from coming out clean, the company falls short of credible online marketing criteria. Its website subsequently becomes invisible on the internet. 

PBX Trading Review: after some time, PBX Trading now reverts to its former MLM iteration as an off-shore platform.

Also, PBX Trading sustained payment model is not the only service that bears semblance to Premium Business. PBX is easily a play on the erstwhile Premium Business unlicensed platform.

Further, according to research from our PBX Trading Review, the following facts lead up to the closure of Premium Business as a bogus company:

It records no previous transactions stating its trade licenses with the Philippines SEC.

Also, referencing the above remark, an SEC submission shows that PBX Trading is not a partnership. 

Lastly, the points above inform the SEC’s decision to alert the public to the Ponzi threats in Premium Business.

Moreover, in the Philippines, trading digital securities without licenses breaches financial conduct in the countries law.

See the next section of this PBX Trading Review for information about the owner of PBX Trading owner.

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PBX Trading Review: Owner of the Platform

As he consistently represents on social media, De Leon is the owner of the PBX Trading platform. PBX, as De Leon portrays it, also assumes different styles still on YouTube: Premium BIZ PH, etc.

Regardless of its implication in a Ponzi rebrand, PBX Trading leverages its investment plans to request affiliate partnerships online. However, the company website, recently created, seems to be run from an off-shore base. But from all indications, PBX Trading and Premium Business are all cut from the same linen.

See the next section of this PBX Trading Review for possible red flags on the platform.

PBX Trading Red Flags

In its current outfit as an online marketing network, PBX Trading offers a little description of the nature of services it offers. Its creators do not bother with presenting an original About Us page to the public. Instead, PBX Trading owners re-post a few sentences from an unrelated website.

PBX Trading Review: at this rate, anyone can reasonably conclude that PBX Trading is out to stash as many investor funds as it can get. Also, its lack of license debunks every semblance of legitimacy its owners publish on the internet.   

Further, the same triangle pattern in PBX Trading reflects in De Leon’s other MLM platform, Premium Business.

PBX Trading Review: affiliate compensation scheme on the PBX Trading platform. Read up more details in the following section.

Compensation Structure

From our PBX Trading Review findings, you can get the tallied profits in the PBX Trading affiliate compensation structure below:

Executive ($1000) _ pays $400 monthly caps on a specific daily profit.

Director ($200) _ pays $80 monthly caps on a specific daily profit.

Manager ($100) _ here, you can get $40 per month accruing over-quoted daily profits.

Supervisor ($50) _ here, you earn $20 per month accruing from quoted PBX Trading daily bonus.

Associate ($20) _ lastly, the least profitable offer, Associate Plan, remits $8 per month.

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Residual Commissions

PBX Trading Review: the platform’s residual commissions are fixed ratios tallied to two generations on your referral downlines. In this case, PBX Trading only pays commissions on the first referral unit. Below are the profit ratios (rendered in percentages):

50% on Level 1 for personally referring people to the platform. 

And then, 10% for affiliate Level 2.

PBX Trading Review: Growth Prospect

Like most MLM platforms evading regulations, PBX Trading depends on PRs to gain affiliates on popular market networking media.

PBX Trading Review: while its previous front, Premium Business, could boast more than five thousand (5000) subscriptions, PBX Trading aims at a higher mark. It employs strategically targeted memes to inform people about its website. Later on, its promoters attempt to sell PBX Trading coupons to interested investors.

From experience with MLM online investments, a shrewd digital trader knows that such a diffuse networking scheme as PBX Trading is unsustainable.


To conclude this PBX Trading Review, we’d like to reiterate the following points:

PBX Trading already presents a poor business history in its career record as Premium Business.

The supposedly new platform bears every semblance to De Leon’s erstwhile Premium Business organization.

Lastly, most reviews about the website conclude that it tethers on a recruitment/withdrawal pivot. When the inclination favors too many cash-out from PBX Trading, the company will likely go bankrupt.

Please, share your experience investing in PBX Trading with us in the comment box.

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