Paymara Review | Proxy Execs Offer Crypto Investments | Scam?

Paymara uses a series of media bots and proxy execs to offer crypto tech ROI MLM subscription, with PR sites showing Error 1020.

Blocking independent review sites proves to be a PR fad among MLMs. However, the website is still publicly-available, although it doesn’t say anything about the backend operators.

Joseph McCareins, Colin Robertson, Candace Ava Fiorina, and Melinda Moret are the fronts for Paymara. Some sources claim that Candace is an ID pun on the American politician Carly Fiorina, intended to serve as a publicity stunt. Whatever traction such a move attempts to get is shunted by the zero business record of Paymara.

If anything has been particularly successful about the platform, it is proxy OP. Lots of things are wrong with this approach. Boris CEOs enable anonymous players to bilk investors of funds. Even atypical execs like Finiko ended similarly.

Moreover, using proxy execs disproves any claims to transparency by the platform.

Learn about the company (the SEC, revenue, and investment part) in this post. Read on below for details.

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Paymara: About the Company

If a vague incentive to bring people to the site passes for a company’s roadmap, Paymara has surpassing info.

You can check the official URL, which is hard to extract from a clutter of PR YouTube Vids. So, the information available to the public is basically this:

Members are automatically shareholders upon signing up for an affiliate tier.

Here is the actual clip from the official website.

PAYMARA isn’t owned by shareholders. It’s owned by the people who invest with us. 

The terms of ownership cede this much scope to member-owners:

As an owner (sic) you have access to personalized financial advice, high-quality investments and relevant market insights that help you build a future for yourself.

The theatrics is enough to show that Paymara is hiding behind an affiliate paywall, recycling a clichéd MLM investment rhetoric.

Instead of some details of any experiences covering crypto investments and automated trading, the About Us discusses the impact of cryptocurrencies pointlessly.

If you are going to invest your money in an enterprise like this, request clarification about this issue. The About Paymara section is a red herring.

What Does the Company Do?

It offers automated trading, focusing on Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

The company claims to have an automated trading tool that works in line with current scientific progress in AI. The algorithm helps generate high profits for investors, interpreting and leveraging varieties of market data.

Contrarily, the proliferation of AIs and bot traders in MLM rhetoric makes such stories an urban myth. Until Paymara provides any reliable audit of so-called bots, it doesn’t amount to more than phooey.

Below is how the affiliate compensation works.

Affiliate Compensation Plan

If there is adequate information about anything at all about the site, it’s the affiliate compensation, which is the thrust of the entire AI pitch. Also, it offers a fivefold investment option. See the criteria and applicable rewards below.

12% on Package 5 _ as referral prop

11% referral bonus for Package 4 Affiliates

Also, 10% referral bonus for Package 3 Affiliates

Packages 2 & 1 get 9% and 8% as referral prop respectively.

Affiliate Perks

In this case, an affiliate earns profits from a binary team model. Here is how it works.

The affiliate’s personally recruited members fill the First Level. The First Level referrals boot the Second Level by recruiting people to invest in Paymara. Subsequently, the recursive arrangement yields a typical MLM binary compensation grid. See clip below.


It grows organically (as MLMs fondly call the downline lattice principle).

Profits on the binary teams are tier-weighted, with everyone earning capped percentage bonuses per cycle. Package 5-1 earns the following commissions.

12% _ maximum is $15000 per cycle

11% _ maximum is $8000 per cycle

Also, 10% _ maximum is $5000 per cycle

9% _ maximum is $3000 per cycle

8% _ maximum is $2000 per cycle

Treats: Unilevel Perks

Besides paying bonuses via a weaker team side on a binary team lattice, Paymara also pays Elite Club benefits via a unilevel grid.

Unilevel lattices work like the Binary Teams, but the downlines can boot more than two positions at once. Below are the available bonus hierarchies in this perk.

Community Coordinators (1-10 positions in the downline) _ remits 5%

Country Coordinators (1-5 positions in the downlines) _ remits 3%

Team Coordinators (1-2 positions in the downlines) _ remits 2%

Coordinators (for the first position) _ remits 1%

Paymara Conclusion: Is it a Scam?

For context, AntUSDT offered schemes similar to Paymara’s AI bots but merely as a shroud to scam people of hard-earned money.

Antares did the same thing, advertising synergy trading as a bot-run integration for all kinds of online profit options. Yet, Antares ended up defrauding people.

Other supposed AI traders include Bitcoin Fortress, Watermine, Royal Q, and Alcor Trade. None of these sites proved worthwhile in the long run.

Why is Paymara different? Perhaps, because its operators don’t dare show their faces, unlike the Steinkellers of WinWheel. The company remains a dubious crypto shroud for another MLM rip-off.

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