PartyLite Review | Décor Platform with MLM Opportunities, Credibility

PartyLite Review: already doing good numbers for its home fragrance sales and special candle wax, the platform also offers MLM affiliate options. The overall mission is to brighten homes with classic and healthy décors (fragrance, exquisite woodcuts, nourishments, etc.)

PartLite clients buy an affiliate package and earn passive incomes. However, there is no information about the owner of the company or its career history, which is atypical of credible marketing networks.

Our PartyLite Review looks at the investment in the company and explains some twists in its trading method. We also try to trace the career history of the PartyLite CEO.

Read the article for details.

PartyLite Review: Overview

PartyLite Review: as an e-business, the platform uses online MLM marketing networks to decorate homes on a minimalist budget. But that’s not all.

Supposedly, the current PartyLite is an appraisal of its 1973 older version. Now the company offers better packages and improved earning options. But this information comes mostly from PartyLite promoters online.

The previous PartyLite might’ve been in form, like most MLM businesses, had its decades of inactivity been due to undisclosed issues. Although there is no data to help us ascertain this remark, a few reviews seem to find enough red flags in the current PartyLite platform to go by.

You can read a brief career history of the company in the following section of this PartyLite Review.

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PartyLite Review: Company History

The few details our PartyLite Review finds about the company show that it was incorporated at some point by Carlyle Group.

PartyLite’s acquisition in 2015 is recent, given its 1973 start. Later, Carlyle Group co-opts the services of Candle-lite and PartyLite in an expansion program.

The merger for the trio of business marketers is their interest in interior decorations. This is seen from the fact that Candle-lite’s parent company, Luminex Home Décor & Fragrance, works in that niche. 

Also, our PartyLite Review gathers that some key persons for these businesses have held top positions in different companies before going on an MLM gig.

Affiliate Commissions on Sales

PartyLite Review: recall that the platform markets products. Although PartyLite does not indicate any affiliate compensation structure on the website, it provides a scheme for awarding bonuses to affiliates depending on sales volume.

Below is how it works:

As we mentioned above, PartyLite ties commission with affiliate sales volume. Retailers can get ROIs per month when it peaks.

As seen from a promoter’s post on Reddit, the following are the tiered commissions.

15% commission after a month’s sales _ available for $0-$250 sales volume

20% commission after a month’s sales _ available for $250.01-$1500 sales volume

25% affiliate commission for a month’s sales _ you earn the bonus when you have a cumulative $1500.01-$3000 sales order.

30% for a month’s sales _ you earn the bonus when you have a cumulative $3000.01-$5000 sales order.

Lastly, you get a 35% affiliate commission for a month’s sales _ the offer is available for a cumulative $5000.01.


PartyLite has many items on its Products list. Most of them are fragrance and belong to different classes reflecting their chief contents.

The different classes are as follows:





Gourmand, etc.

Admittedly, the fragrance bears exotic, suggestive names. For instance, you get products with names like 

Fig Fatale,  

Midnight Cactus

Raspberry Rhubarb Scent Plus

Be Energized Eucalyptus + Peppermint 100%

After Dark

And so many others.

Moreover, our PartyLite Review finds accessories (mostly exquisitely-caved candle holders), and flagrant candles in other categories on the platform. However, nothing on the website proves that the products are a special formula, except the frequent assertion by PayLite.

Are these products legit? See some details in the next section of this PartyLite Review.


Multi-level marketing is the top concern of the operators of PartyLite. It follows recruitment records closely and imposes hardliners on their referral specifications. 

However, nothing out of sorts goes on in the platform. After all, the company is not the first to operate on stringent rules if its altruistic fervor might be excused. But then, the company prefers to operate anonymously, which raises concerns.

Also, PartyLite might give an impression it is undecided on which trade model to use. A year ago, it works with all multi-level marketing instruments. Currently, it strips all outfits to focus on sales and recruitments. Again, this highlights their fixation on marketing. Still, it is not overly particular.

Moreover, to betoken its preparedness, the company mentions it manufactures its products in a facility in Leesburg, USA. Although it’s a good start, an address does not mean PartyLite explains the contents of its products. However, the fragrance sells at affordable prices.

Additionally, there appear to be some unusual criteria for referral commission qualification.

PartyLite Review: on registration, an affiliate works through a prelim $100 retail mark to qualify for commissions. The company specifies that the retails will have to reflect Customer Volumes, which is confusing. How?

While this criteria already rules out personal purchases, it still doesn’t separate sales and recruitment counts. As our PartyLite Review finds, a buyer counts as part of Customer Volumes if he/she uses a marketer’s retail link to place others. 

Bar its anonymity, PartyLite appears to be a legit MLM business.

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