ParaSwap Token Price | Coin Dips 27.4 in A Day, Trades at $1.39

ParaSwap Token Price: the token, currently trading at $1.39, loses 27.4% of its value on popular counters but remains good for stakes.

ParaSwap (PSP) is a governance token. So, it offers the most competitive terms on cryptocurrency exchanges. If you know the impact of the coin on DAI, a stable coin that approximates one dollar ($1), you can get the thrift of most traders towards the token.

Of course, the role of the PSP parent aggregator bears on the popular perception of the flagship cryptocurrency.

So, besides analyzing the ParaSwap Token Price for today, we briefly explain the services and purpose of an aggregator generally, then explain the benefits of using ParaSwap.

You can read this article for detailed information.

ParaSwap Token Price: Overview

ParaSwap connects different counters on one unitary exchange platform, allowing the traders to access various analytics in one space.

Also, it links users to affiliate websites via an API (although mobile apps and direct login portals are available). In this way, users get services at affordable prices and in good time.

For most people, though, the most intriguing aspect of ParaSwap is its flagship crypto coin, PSP. The token is an ECR-20 bit and, being a governance coin, it affects stabilizing cryptocurrencies.

If you are learning the ropes as a crypto trader, you might be looking for a connector link, an equivalent of a traders’ lounge, to compare the prices of listed tokens. That is what the ParaSwap platform does.

Simply put, it aggregates (including collation and interpretation) various DEX (Decentralized Exchanges), leveraging loads of information to offer an optimized interface for crypto traders.

Despite its changing value on DEX, the coin still ranks #427 with a market cap of $99052905. The amount in circulation is no less impressive than the current ranking of the cryptocurrency.

Our team sourced reports from reliable market trackers, extrapolating that PSP has about two trillion coins in supply at maximum.

As interest in the coin surges, traders may not know which counter is best for purchasing the token. So, we provide the best options below.

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Where can you Buy/Trade PSP Token?

As with most cryptocurrencies, there might be off-radar retails that offer swaps between the PSP coin and other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, if you want a straightforward, reliable exchange for purchasing and selling crypto coins, try any of the following counters:

Uniswerp (V3),

0x Protocol,

AOFEX, DODO (ERC-20), or


Moreover, the popular sentiment is that the PSP price will revert to positive growth since the coin has vast leverage.

For one, it belongs to a digital financial exchange medium. And for another, it helps the non-expert trader understand complex lingos, substituting intuitive icons for tech jargon. (Note that you might not often get this experience with all aggregators, which often privatize the interface.

See the following section for a brief explanation of the analytics for the current ParaSwap Token Price.

ParaSwap Token Price Analytics

The analytics for the PSP Price in real-time spells good fortune for traders. It implies that a token is still a viable option for buyers and holders despite the 27% dip recently. Here is a brief run-through of the analytics as they appear on counters.

PSP bracket transfers culminate to thirty thousand seven hundred and four (30,074) among 5692 coin holders.

Moreover, the time series detailing activity for the trade period between November 14 and November 15 shows increased activity for a short period. So the decline does not have the shrinking effect it might’ve had on less valuable crypto coins than ParaSwap.

What’s the verdict?

The ParaSwap Token Price only lost twenty-seven percent (27%) of its value on the exchange.

The losses might only be due to intermittent swings in coin prices, inferring from available data online. So, you can keep the coin as the prevalent analytics holds bullish prospects for the token.

See here for the website.

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