Onward Capital Investment | Review, Affiliate Program, Referral Bonus

You can buy into any Onward Capital Investment packages, join its referral program and earn high ROIs from its compensation structure. As the Onward Capital Company offers several investment levels to varying investors, your capital will yield appreciable profits in this platform. 

Also, without necessarily upgrading to higher-tier plans or buying premium values in Onward Capital, you can enter its Onward Capital Partnership and earn bonuses per new entrant to your referral level.

Operating in the crypto markets and probing for financial ventures in digital trade, Onward Capital Investment allows you to earn passively. Learn more about the packages below.

Onward Capital Investment: Company History

Onward Capital is a new MLM company in the crypto services platform. Like the other teeming MLM fronts on the internet, the Company says its objective is to make people live better economically. How does it propose to do this?

According to Onward Capital, modern markets anchors on technology, and the best profits are due to smart investments in digital assets. It boils down to clients investing in an intermediary firm and earning passive tokens accruing to their referral level.

While the Onward Capital Investment scheme is not entirely novel, it is also not the first MLM community offering packages that remit high ROIs to clients. There are precedents, and each of them has defaulted on their investor contracts without any re-funds.

Further, Onward Capital does not have many positive reviews online. It is relatively unknown, and the Company managerial facet is anonymous. It merely outlines four investment plans and then lists the entry price. A quick search through automatic scam detectors reveals that the website is not the spurn of random bot software. But although it is well-scripted and target-oriented, there are a few issues with the website.

Like we mentioned, the owner of Onward Capital Investment is anonymous. You can also view the possible red flags in the Company in the section below.


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Onward Capital Investment: Potential Red Flags

Trusted economic agents should regulate every investment between an online financial services firm and public clients. None of the credible licensing firms accredits the Onward Capital Platform, however.

Below are some of the gnawing turn-offs about the Onward Capital Company:

Although it is a recent MLM platform on the internet, it garners too many negative reviews.

The Company also has too many media PRO fronts pushing recruitment bids and referring people to the website while disclosing little about its owner.

Onward Capital is not using an email address on a par with a professional business. In street speak, it is cranky.

Lastly, the web link is obscured by using a short URL.

Onward Capital Investment: there are also critical positive points about the Company. At least it is available for a long time. If Onward Capital does not close down before schedule, clients can hope to cash out on the Onward Capital Investment Packages on the website. See below for the investment packages and their pegged entry price.

Investment Plans

Onward Capital Investment offers four plans further split into Lite USD, Pro USD, and Max USD, and Lux USD packages to suit different capitals. All the Onward Investment Packages remit tokens for five working days (Monday to Friday). Serially, you can see the Plans and their accompanying packages below:

Short Plan

Lite USD (0.8%-1.2% daily profit) _ available for ten (10) days minus weekends. It is available at a 25USD-300USD price bracket.

Pro USD (0.9%-1.4% daily profit) _ available for twenty-five (25) days at 300USD-50000USD bracket price. 

Max USD (1%-1.7% daily profit) _ available for forty (40) days at 5000USD-50000USD bracket price.

The next Onward Capital Investment Plan includes a Lux USD Package.

Ultimate Plan

Lite USD (2.6% profit per day) _ accruing over eighty (80) days for 100USD-1000000USD.

Pro USD (2.95% daily profit) _ accruing over a hundred days (100) for the 10000USD-10000000USD price bracket.

Max USD (3.2% daily profit) _ accruing over one hundred and twenty (120) days for 100000USD-10000000USD.

Lux USD (3.51% daily profit) _ for one hundred and forty (140) days at a 500000USD-100000000USD price bracket.

Liberty Plan

Here are the Onward Capital Investment Packages under the Liberty Plan:

Lite USD (3% daily profit) _ available for eighty (80) days at 25USD-10000USD Min and Max price.

Pro USD (3.5%) _ available for one hundred and twenty (1200) days at 100USD-50000USD Min and Max price.

Max USD (4%) _ available for one hundred and fifty days at 1000USD-100000USD max-min price.

Lux USD (4.5% daily profit) _ works for two hundred (200) days at 5000USD-1000000USD min-max price.

And lastly, the following All Trade Plan is also available on Onward Capital Investment.

All Trade Plan

Pro USD (2%-3.6% daily profit) _ available for forty (40) days at 50USD-1000000USD.

Lux USD (3%-4.3% daily profit) _ works for sixty (60) days. Also, the package is available at min-max price brackets of 50USD-5000000USD. 

Onward Capital Structural Turnover

Onward Capital Investment: join an investment package on the platform and earn passive income on Onward Capital Structural Turnover. Below are percentage profits accruing to the partnership levels on the website. 721110505

7% bonus for Level 1

2% for level 2 Partnership

Levels 3, 4, and 5 get 1%. 

And Level 6 gets 0.50%

Lastly, Level 7 brings 0.5%

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Affiliate/Referral Ranks

Onward Capital Investment: gain more profits through Onward Capital Referral Rank cache. Briefly, the ranks you can join on the platform are:


Agent (25000)

Consultant (100000)

Titanium (300000)

Silver (500000)

Gold (1500000)

Platinum (5000000)

Emerald (10000000)

Diamond (25000000)

V.I.P (50000000USD)

The USDs are tallied with the Structural Turnover program. Also, you cannot earn more than the specified bonus for Affiliate levels if you only signed up on the Onward Capital Investment Package. Migrating to higher referral ranks on the platform requires a threshold of USD.

How to Join an Investment Package

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the dot column at the top.
  3. Click on Sign Up
  4. Then enter your email address, username, and upliner (possibly, referral link).


There are several MLM platforms like Onward Capital Investment. And the problem is that these Companies do not indicate the service they render; no tangible products. 

Moreover, the owner of the Company is unknown. While Onward Capital offers tiered Investment Levels to clients, it does not promise any reasonable security for their investment. You are footing the bills and solely bearing all the risks involved if you invest in Onward Capital.

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