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Onpassive Login: the deal is an AI technology that provides digital marketing tools to subscribers and affiliate loyalty rewards.

The official website designates the company as ONPASSIVE AI, meaning that the prime business is algorithmic tech applicable in online marketing. So many use cases exist for the field, but the most advertised application on Onpassive seems to be commerce.

Can the company really help? Is it true that they have a market-optimized AI of any value? A broad section of the people attending the online seminars would say NO. Here is the most frequent reason for it.

Onpassive is too fixated on getting people to subscribe to the website that it loses any credibility. There are already too many talks about the usability of the planned AI before it is ready for use. A typical case of putting the cart before the horse

Even so, most people are looking to cash out from the membership Package, which often has loads of bonus programs. It may not be worth the fuss at the end of the day, though.

Besides explaining the Onpassive Login procedure, we also discuss some aspects of the company in this post. Read on below for details.

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Onpassive Login: Overview

Here is an excerpt from the official about-us webpage.

As we mentioned previously, the deal is an automated software embedded in the user-friendly digital framework. It attempts to direct consumer/client traffic to the users’ businesses. So far, there are no specifications on the extent of use, which prompts us to assume that the project is versatile.

Onpassive not only accelerates businesses but also augments them, plugging the loopholes (or so the site claims).

So, who is behind Onpassive?

You can determine a legit profit option by knowing who is behind the wheels. In that way, you can track the leadership experience of the execs, any successfully executed projects in their business records, and public perception.

Operating anonymously is a different story altogether, which happens here in Onpassive. You can’t access any portfolio of the hyped AI coders and alleged pool of tech talents since the information is not available on the site. All you have to go by is some blanket claim of a hitherto unknown company about owning bots.

Also, Onpassive has a CAREERS category, offering an aerial location-tracker for job placement to users. However, you just can’t get work yet. Why? Because the company doesn’t have any openings currently. Until then, you will have to enter your CV into the provided space and stay in a long queue of jobbers waiting for some fancy job.

Note that the company has around 1170300+ paid members (at least, according to a promoter). So, you have one chance in a million of securing any job, assuming any placement is available.

Hang on still, as we explain the Onpassive Login steps after the section below.

Red Flag: Positive Reviews without Any Results to Show for It

You can read the header to drive the point home: Onpassive has loads of positive reviews online before it even boots any products. That is a red flag. It is an easy way to place the scam tag on any project.

Ascribing user satisfaction to a manufacturer depends on the general performances of the products, not the professed purpose of the said products. But here again, the reverse is the case. Onpassive is racking up the positive scorecards championed by PR agents and hired hands.

Also, nothing is forthcoming about the headline AI Innovation since Onpassive has been riffing the words since 2018. Yet, there is nothing to show for it to date.

Here is why you have to think twice about these sets of slick-and-glib promotions.

Zero Regulation

None of the Onpassive promoters provides an inkling of evidence that the company is legit regulation-wise.

The scenario is the typical script of Ponzi MLM stints. A few operators on the backend post some compensation draft, passing it off as a legit passive profit avenue. These gaggle of anonymous founders flog the pitch on unwitting subscribers and eventually run away with the investors’ money.

 No testimonials or evidence of payment

Even the typical dubbed stock photos as stand-in testimonials aren’t available on Onpassive.com. Where are the reviews coming from, then?

Most of the positive ratings are from promoters. Prospective affiliates will have to join the affiliate cache to make profits, which ultimately depend on actual profit streams _ a commodity that is in short supply in Onpassive, anyway.

See the following section for the Onpassive Login procedure.

How to Sign in to Onpassive

You can access the Onpassive Login portal using the steps below.

  • Go to the official Onpassive Login webpage.
  • Click on the membership sign-in option.
  • Enter your sign-up email address and password.
  • Then, click on Login.

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