OmegaPro Review | Unregulated Forex/Crypto Broker Offers 200% ROI

OmegaPro Review: despite growing concerns about its lack of regulation, OmegaPro still offers forex brokerage with exchanges pending. The platform maintains it will soon provide foreign exchanges for all trades involving about 200 derivative assets.

However, the promise yields no fruit since the exchange is not available, more than one year after the creation of OmegaPro.

This and several other issues sum up the reservation traders have about the website. Are there tangible reasons for the scam alert, though? Read this OmegaPro Review to get the answers.

OmegaPro Review: Overview

OmegaPro Review: alleging it is regulated by appropriate agencies, OmegaPro provides forex investments and affiliate coupons.

Also, the company website does not bear any information about its owner(s). OmegaPro merely hints at incorporation by a company in the United Kingdom. 

Subsequently, OmegaPro mentions it has an FCA trading license. But no proof of such license is available on the website. 

Barely a month after its launch, the platform recorded negative reviews from various platforms online. Some months later, the cynicism in these reviews is confirmed by a warning to OmegaPro’s clients by Spain’s CNMV.

According to the official publication, OmegaPro offers unauthorized forex brokerage. Further, it highlights that the company is culpable for multiple scam reports from its unsatisfied customers.

Rounding up, the CNMV reiterates that unregulated forex brokers invariably scam unsuspecting traders of their funds. 

When clients reach out for refunds, they find that their broker is not reachable. As such, the agency advises investors to use brokerages that register with appropriate regulators.

As our OmegaPro Review finds, the company operates offshore with offices in the UK and the USA. Supposedly, it has regulations from Saint Vincent and Grenadines. But does not publish even a soft copy of it on the website.

Any special treats?

There is no stated leverage on the website. Presumably, clients can get it when they register. But what’s the use for a leverage if OmegaPro has no exchange stats.

OmegaPro Review: the company also has variable spreads, accepts 100USD minimum deposit, and a mobile web trader.

See the nature of trade on the platform in the following section of this OmegaPro Review.

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OmegaPro Review: Flunked OMP Money

Services from the OmegaPro website seem multi-faceted. In a previous iteration, the company offers crypto assets and multi-level earning options to clients in UK, Argentina, and Nigeria.

The company would later partner with OMP Money as a conjoint investment project. OMP Money handles electronic wires involving money transfers. To legitimize its e-money unit, OmegaPro secures an FCA registration for OMP Money.

However, tipped off by OmegaPro’s stealthy attempt to cut a loophole in clients’ funds through a proven 200% ROI Ponzi, the FCA announces that it retracts all licenses OMP Money has.

Subsequently, OmegaPro cut off ties to its transfer limb and focuses on media PRs for traction.

Moreover, our OmegaPro Review finds that the company has attempted to curry investments using the footballer, Ronaldinho. See the next section for more details.

OmegaPro Image Laundering

With at least one office in Dubai, OmegaPro uses celebrities to boost promotions for its dwindling 200% ROI botched Ponzi. One notable figure is Ronaldinho.

The footballer appears in YouTube videos with the OmegaPro promoters. Also, he puts in some words for the platform. However, it is not certain he is exactly promoting the platform.

Before he mingles with OmegaPro, Ronaldinho seems to be embroiled in a Ponzi MLM network known as 18K Ronaldinho.

For all it’s worth, OmegaPro image laundering tactics yield no result since the platform is proven a scam forex broker.

See information about the CEOs of the company in the following section of this OmegaPro Review.

Proxy CEOs

Dilwar Singh, OmegaPro’s CEO was a key person of the defunct Omnia Tech. After the failure of the multi-level marketing Ponzi venture, the CEO offers OmegaPro as a rebrand of Omnia Tech.

Our OmegaPro Review gathers that the career histories of OmegaPro’s CEOs are unavailable on the website. 

Typically the actual owners of the company are using daubed CEOs to do PRs and gain traction. When funds reach a sizeable amount, the company will make away with it by claiming their website is hacked.

For instance, nothing is none about Andreas Szakacs and Dilwar Singh, despite offering frenzied investment periods in Brazil and Colombia. The result is that users could not withdraw the promised 200% ROIs.

Exchange-traded Funds (ETF) Pending

OmegaPro Review: catering to derivatives-trading clients, OmegaPro mentions it is working on an ETF exchanges counter.

What became of the project?

Since 2019, the promised ETF instrument is still not available on the website. Given the nuanced underlying assets in the ETF trade, clients wonder if OmegaPro can provide such a service.

OmegaPro Juggles Forex and Virtual Games

OmegaPro Review: depending on the demographics, Omega seems to be offering virtual games earning options on the one hand, and forex trade on the other. 

According to a client, one of OmegaPro’s promoters mentions that the company toggles game lotteries and forex investments. The implication is that the company is never poised to offer ETF services and foreign exchanges as it promises.

While it is okay for OmegaPro to earn through multiple sources, it is not legal for it to do so without a license or any information about its owners’ career history.

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