Omcgold Login | Register/Sign-Up On Omcgold, Packages & Login

Login to your Omcgold Account using the Omcgold Login procedure in this post. Do you wish to access your Racksterli account on the platform? Then, use this vital information to log in to your account.

Omcgold Login procedure gives you access to your account, allowing you to invest in the platform too. So, how do you start? We will discuss it in this article.

Further, Omcgold holds the attention of over sixty-thousand investors in at least four months of business history. This record is a laudable feat for online investment avenues in Nigeria. You can also benefit from the company’s investment packages by accessing them through the Omcgold Login. Then you can earn daily income using just your social media accounts. 

Omcgold Login: Platform Overview

On this online investment platform, you can earn profits daily with just your Facebook account and WhatsApp.

As an online earning avenue, Omcgold only requires a mandatory sign-up/registration from customers. Then, the rest involves investing in a package, doing the specific task for the package, and then cashing out after the usual 30 days maturity period. 

Also, each package confers specific profits per day on its subscriber. You can view the available packages in the next section.

Omcgold Login: Investment Packages

Standard (entry price: N 14, 000)

Premium (entry price: N 28, 000)

Platinum (entry price: N 56, 000)

Gold (entry price: N 112, 000)

Diamond (entry price: N 280, 000)

Ruby (entry price: N 560, 000)

Emerald (entry price: N 1, 120, 000)

Usually, the higher the investment tier you opt for, the more profits you gain on Omcgold. But the platform also tailors each level to suit the investment capital of its prospective customers.

To get an impression of the value of each investment you can access through the Omcgold Login, you can check the packages below:

The Standard Package earns you a daily $1.9 when you share the post. You can also earn $3.9 for doing the same task on the Premium Package. Similar profits per day for the Platinum, Gold, Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald Packages are $7.8, $15.6, $39, $74.42, and $148.25 in turn.

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Omcgold Login: 30-day Cashouts

You can earn the following amounts in a 30-day maturity period when you invest in the corresponding entry levels:

  • N21, 640 at 1400 entry-level (Standard Package)
  • N44, 460 at 28000 (Premium Package)
  • Earn N88, 920 on an investment of N56 000 (Platinum Package)
  • Invest N112000 on the Gold Package and earn N177, 840
  • Get N 444, 600 on an investment of N 280, 000 on Diamond Package
  • Also, you can earn N 848, 388 for N 560, 000 on the Ruby
  • The Emerald Package earns you N 1, 690, 000 on an investment of N 1, 120, 000
  • Further, you can earn N4, 177, 340 on N2, 800, 000 Pearl Package
  • Lastly, the Jasper Package pays you N7, 379, 6000 on N 5, 000, 000 investment.

Further Earning Alternatives on Omcgold

With the Omcgold Login procedure, you can get access to a few investment avenues on the platform. One of the best ways to earn yourself a huge pile is by working as a registered referral on the platform. Then using the referral code, you can withdraw your total earnings from the website when the time is due.

Moreover, the referral method is simple. You will introduce your friends to the website, ensure that they sign-up/register, then you can expect a bonus/profit for a job well done. See the next section for the Omcgold Login procedure.

Login to Racksterli Website

First, you need to sign-up/register on the website before you can log in.

Second, get a unique coupon code, as a necessary preliminary (you can request a code through an Omcgold coupon vendor).

Third, Register on the website by providing all required information (Also, provide your valid email address)

Follow the steps below to login into your Omcgold Account;

  1. Go to the website (
  2. Click on the Login Option 
  3. Enter your password and Username in the correct order into the empty boxes.
  4. Then click on Login/Sign-in.

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