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Okash Customer Care: with zero interest loan promos underway, Okash provides a customer care number, 08097755512, to its customers. As a client, the hotline allows you to get firsthand service about loan inquiries from the company.

Following a recent promo from the Okash platform, its client-connect link became a sought-after plug. Reportedly, it also leads to a surge in loans borrowed from Okash. 

What is the Okash Customer Care? How can you access its services?

To get the answers and learn more about the company, you can read this article.

Okash Customer Care: Overview

Okash Customer Care: the Okash Loan app derives its credence from its Opera Mini roots. After a series of incorporations that involved the Opay Group and a larger Opera Mini bloc, the Okash Loan App emerged as a trusted Pan-African mobile loan service.

Currently, the mobile app offers loan securities above 50,000 naira for a specified initial deposit. Clients can withdraw their loans through a seamless cash-out that links their Okash Profile to their bank accounts. So, when a borrower requests funds, he gets them in his bank account.

How is this possible? See below.

Bar details of its Opera Mini incorporation, the Okash Loan app doles out tiered app services through its facilitator, Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank.

What marketing edge does the service have over other loan platforms?

For one, clients attest to the speed of their loan deposits.

Also, the company does not exact high-cut collaterals from borrowers

Another trust criteria for borrowing from Okash is its transparent policy. Although many companies use loan services as a ruse to run an MLM Ponzi scheme, Okash is duly registered and poised for debt services.

Moreover, the company boasts a 24/7 support network, and it is where Okash Customer Care comes in. See the next section for more details.

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Is Okash a Legit Platform?

When people hear about the Okash loan, the first question that comes to their mind is, how legit is the platform? well, the answer will be given to you now, and you will also know much more about Okash.

Okash is a very legit platform, and it is owned by a China-based consortium whose administration is led by Yahui Zhou. This man is also credited for the establishment of the Beijing Kunlun Tech Co, and it is one of the most important game makers in China.

However, Okash is a subsidiary of Opay, and it is a reputable firm for getting a quick and easy loan in Nigeria. Most of her customer finds it difficult to reach out to the Okash customer line when they have issues.

Now, we hope that you understand that Okash is a legit platform and it also has the most positive rating in Nigeria. So, you do not have to be scared of anything because Okash has always been there, and will always be.

Customer Support Email & Phone Number

As Okash Customer Care provides a contact email address to its clients, it bridges all gaps between the newbie and the learned client. How?

With these links, you can always inquire about loan details. At least, it throws scammers off your track. What do the email address and phone number avail you of? See the answer below.

The Okash Customer Care makes the mobile service easy, as its hotlines help you to learn more about their services from the comfort of your home.

It also serves as the official contact of the company. In this regard, you can detect when it’s been cloned as the replica won’t offer a genuine service.

The Okash Customer Care email address is support@o-kash.com, while the phone numbers are 08097755512 and 08097755514.

The links above connect to a direct customer support service from the Okash Company. You are likely to get help in the following areas:

How to register on Okash

How to request Okash for a loan

Loan repayment and applicable interest rates.

Note that Okash gives out loans depending on preliminary eligibility criteria. Some of them are shown below.

Some Loan Criteria

Below are some of the eligibility criteria for borrowing from Okash:

The client will have to provide evidence of continued employment that lasts the period of loan repayment.

The client will have to provide a valid document that has an ID picture.

Also, the client will forward his Biometric Verification Number (BVN) and possess valid details in his bank statement.

Some rules that apply after a client gets a loan are as follows:

A loan may be repaid arbitrarily till the termination date.

After the loan validity period, Okash deducts the carry-over from the debtor’s account.

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How to Download the Okash App

Now, let’s discuss how to download the Okash app to your smartphone. just follow the steps below.

  • First, make sure that your data connection is active, then go to the Google Play Store
  • After that, type in Okash
  • And install the app
  • Then enable it.

When you are done downloading the app, you will then sign up. The interesting thing is that the Okash app is very easy and convenient to understand, unlike other apps.

However, Okash has a standard profit of 23% – 35% for any amount that you borrow and that is why it is very interesting. Okash is also cheaper than other platforms and it won’t disturb you at all.

You are only required to pay on time and you won’t have any problem with Okash.

Okash Social Media Channels

For those who are interested in getting updates concerning Okash, all you need to do is to follow their social media page then you can be updated on the latest news they have.

With their social media page, you can also get information that is associated with the Okash customer care number even before it is posted on the website.

Most of the information might be about the error that will or is happening and such information might be posted on their website and whenever the error occurs, you might start feeling that there are scammers but the truth is that you have not been updated on what is happening.

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