Npower fmhds gov ng | N-Power login and How to Apply

Use the Npower fmhds gov ng portal to apply for the on-going Npower program and secure a position with 2021 Npower. Do you want to know about this? Then this article is for you.

As the Npower program trickles down to the last batch you will no doubt be looking for another opportunity to apply for the program if you have missed the previous batches A and B. 

If this were the case, which body, agency, or commission should you be looking up for any information on Npower? That should be Npower fmhds gov ng. Stay on this article to learn how you can clinch this opportunity.

Can log in Portal of Npower fmhds gov ng be accessed?

For some reason, the previous application portal of the ministry responsible for the Npower program has been made inaccessible to the public. However, there is still a more propitious portal that you can use to do this task.

You can instead try the more recent Npower fmhds gov ng login portal.  

Using this link, you not only get to log in to your account without stress but you can also register for the Npower trainer cache at the Npower fmhds gov ng website.

Also, the prospect looks good as the Npower fmhds Minister has signaled the start of batch C Npower. This allows you to benefit from the ensuing Npower fmhds gov ng 2021/2022 registration.


The eligible people for this 2021/20222 Npower program must:

Fall in this age bracket, 19 to 35 years of age;

Be able to prove that they are unemployed at the time of Npower registration;

And, be willing to contribute to the growth of society using the skills acquired in the training.

You should note that the login site provided by Npower fmhds gov ng is for both non-graduates and graduates. Interestingly, the portal can be reached currently. So do not hesitate to visit once you learn how to log in.

There, you can even register after checking the official site for available Npower programs.

Read on below to learn how to login to the Npower portal successfully.

Tips on how to login

Before we proceed, we would like to inform you that only registered participants can log in to the Npower portal through Npower fmhds gov ng. But this should not hinder you from registering at once for the program.

So, here are the tips you need to successfully log in to Npower:

Get a complete printout of your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

You should keep your current email address handy so that the Portal can always ascertain that it is functional. If it were found to be invalid, you cannot be able to login into your Npower account.

There are different options in the Npower fmhds programs depending on whether you are a graduate or not. Some of these programs require expert handling, so you can opt for N-teach, N-tax, or N-health if you are a graduate.

If you are at a loss on which category to go for, consider checking the fmhds gov ng site for the Npower volunteer category. The web page will shed more light on the available programs and where you can be of best use.

Always apply for the program using the Npower fmhds login website. Facilitators are not employed for this by fmhds, so do not fall for third party agencies since they’re probably a fraud. 

As soon as you register for the program, you can be able to login into your Npower Account profile. There, you can provide your account details so you can start receiving the monthly payment.

Also, we must reiterate that you should hold onto the email you used to login to the Npower fmhds login portal. You will need it when you want to log in again or make any changes to your Npower account profile.

How you can log in to your Npower fmhds gov ng Account Profile

This is easy to do, just stick to the procedure below:

Enter the complete fmhds URL in the search box of a good web browser (

In the appropriate spaces provided on the Npower Login portal, enter your email and password consecutively.

Normally, the login portal will verify that the email you provided is valid. So it will send a message to the email before you can proceed.

If you run into such a trifle as forgetting your password, you can click the “forgotten your password?” tab to get it back.


The Npower fmhds gov ng portal is open and within reach, you should join the Npower program today through the site. 

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