Norway Visa Price | Visa Fees, Requirements, Application Types, More

Norway Visa Price: getting a visa to Norway is not without applicable fees, surcharges, supported payment methods, and criteria for all visa types.

Norway is one of the Schengen countries in Europe with high immigration ease (reportedly around 91% of visas approved per year). So it tops the list of most sought-after European countries for many people.

Do you wish to travel to the country? If yes, check the costs, comprising Norway Visa Price and applicable fees for different age groups and immigrant categories.

Preferably, you can check the following sections for details.

Norway Visa Price: Overview

The Norway Visa Price covers different categories like the ones in the list below.

Family Immigration

Permanent Residence Permit

Work, Studies, and Au Pair

The above items include indications for unspecified Norway Visa types (grouped under Other Types of Residence Permits).

We share the fees for the available Citizenship Type of Application for Norway Visa below:

Adults _ pay NOK5.500, while Norwegian Citizenship recovery (started in 2020) costs NOK3.200

Children Under Eighteen (18) Years _ there are no fees attached to this group.

Nordic Citizens (necessarily adults) _ requires you to pay NOK2.700

(Check the official immigration website for the complete list)

Each visa type allows you to apply for chargebacks or refunds. Also, it provides links for tracking your applications regardless of your location.

See how you can pay these fees through the supported links in the following section.

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How to Pay Fee

You can pay the fees accruing to your Norway visa application in any of the following ways.

  1. Either pay through Application Portal Norway (if you applied for the visa via the portal),
  2. Or clear any debts at the consulate or available embassies in your country.

If you opt for the first method, pay via the supported transfer systems using your Mastercard or Visa Card. The other option requires you to provide all requisite fees at the embassy during your in-person interview.

How Your Fees Are Calculated

Of course, the fees are not invented. The UDI and other facilitators extract payments from applicants depending on logistics, which may involve the local agencies in your country, different bureaus, and other factors that indirectly affect the general costs of processing visas.

Also, the Norway Visa Prices are non-conforming to evaluations by Norwegian authorities. By keeping their fees comparatively inflexible and unaffected by changes from the government, the immigration body ensures that you get affordable pricing and low fees.

Further, you can confirm that the visa fee for children remains the same for all eligible countries. We briefly explain the Norway Visa Price for Nigerians in the following section.

Norway Visa Price for Nigerians

Norway requires Nigerians to apply for visitor’s visa only in the jurisdiction of the Schengen area they wish to visit. And it emphasizes that the applications must not exceed the allowed period.

Prospective immigrants will have to apply separately for visas and residency permits that allow them to stay in the country for more than a month. Such visas require meticulous details for all visitor visa types.

According to the official portal, the application fee for Nigerians is EUR 80. As mentioned previously, the prices reflect average costs for processing your online (or in-person) applications at the consulate in your country. It does not cover any insurance and itinerary costs for your visa.

The Norway Visa Price for Nigeria is lenient on immigrants, given that the rate of successful approvals reciprocates the number of successful applicants.

Note: the above sum is not an estimate of the entire cost of traveling to Norway. It only mentions the applicable fees at the embassy.

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