Norderworks Review | Credibility, Legit or Scam? Earn 6.0%-7.2% Daily

Norderworks Review: Norderworks is an online investment company in Nigeria operating in the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) trade. It primarily targets the local population where its customer sphere is fast growing. Recently, though, many of Norderworks clients are raising concerns that the Company could scam them in the long run.

Any customer of Norderworks can read this Norderworks Review to learn more about the organization, its services, and how clients can benefit from it. But more importantly, our review of this platform will focus on areas that determine if the Norderworks platform is ideal for risk-proof investment.

Read on below to learn more about Norderworks.

Norderworks Review: About the Company

Although Norderworks is a recent e-commerce market pro in the Nigerian business niche, its Company Website shows nothing more than the Company logo and Sign-in/login logo.

Note that the organization only started operations barely a month ago. Yet it does not explain how it works on its website. Instead, users can request a unique registration code from Norderworks Affiliates before they can join the Company.

On the other hand, Norderworks also looks like the defunct Mybonus Company offering fixed percentage profits to clients. There are also strong precedents to suggest that the two websites are the same. Many MLM platforms are unregulated. When financial regulatory firms start probing their activity, these MLM websites would then redirect visitors to a hastily-created new webpage.

Norderworks Review: although you can earn daily profits in the order of 6-7.5% from Norderworks, nothing is guaranteed on the Company. Since it does not indicate who owns the website, the platform does not commit to any insurance contracts to safeguard investments.

How does this affect your portfolio? See the answer in the next section.

If you wish to invest in this platform, be clear that it offers a pyramid payment structure. A trade network that allows you to market affiliate coupons and earn profit pile-ups on a uni-level matrix must be an MLM company.

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Norderworks Review: Credibility

Norderworks Review: does the Norderworks Company protect the securities in a customers’ investments?

Like we hinted at earlier in this article, the Norderworks Company does not bear any risks in its cart of affiliate investment. If you enter the referral structure, you commit to shouldering any risks culminating in the possible closure of the Norderworks platform.

Also, many Norderworks Review posts online point out that the Company depends on widespread social media followers to gain traction. While the platform expends energy in recruiting affiliates, it does not disclose any information about its administration.

Moreover, automated scam advisors roll out too many negative points concerning the credibility of Norderwoods. Despite garnering several positive reviews from Nigerian users, algorithm-run scam Advisers show that the website is most likely a scam. Noderwooks is popular in West African demographics, according to a quick search on Alexa Ranks.

Lastly, this Norderworks Review finds out that a major issue with the Norderworks is that it is not optimized for Google Ranks. True to form, various scam MLM companies depend on the naivety of their clients to market their products. Currently, though, Nodderworks toddles on the scam/legit line.

Do you wish to market products from the Company? Before you entertain that hope, check the next section of this Norderworks Review to see if there are any marketable products on the website.

Norderworks Products

Norderworks Review: sign-up on the platform and get a chance to sell Norderworks Affiliate Coupon. But besides coupon codes, are there other products from the Company for sale?

No, there are no tangible products from Norderworks. The flagship investment avenue is its affiliate program. You can hope to increase your profit pile-ups by climbing the Affiliate Ranks on the website.

Further, the Company will remit percentage profits as an affiliate bonus to your account until it peaks at the promised monthly ROI after a work period.

See the Payment Structure in this Norderworks Review.

Norderworks Investment Packages

You can opt to earn accruals over fixed maturity periods on the four investment packages available on the Norderworks platform. 

With a 500 Naira minimum entry price in your wallet, you can earn profits in the range of 6%-7.2% per day. Below is how it works:

VIP 1 (N500)

6% daily profit accruing for thirty (30) days’ work period. 

VIP 2 (N5000)

6.4% daily profit accruing over thirty (30) days’ maturity period.

VIP 3 (N30000)

Pays 6.8% per day for thirty days

VIP 4 (N100000)

This is the highest-tier plan in the Norderworks investment packages. It remits 7.2% profits daily for thirty (30) days’ work period.

Note that the above packages all require a specific number of daily tasks (20 per day).

Norderworks Review: join the Norderworks Platform and get reinforced profits on your referral downlines. See the next section to learn about the percentage accruals per Affiliate level.

Norderworks Affiliate Level

There are three (3) affiliate levels on the Norderworks Affiliate program. Besides investing in a VIP-tiered package on the website, you can also earn on an affiliate level. Below are the percentage profits per level:

5% bonus for Level 3 Affiliates

8% bonus for Level 2 Affiliates, and

16% bonus for Level 1 Affiliates.

Visit the website.


We conclude this Norderworks Review with the following remarks:

There are several Nigerian MLM platforms online offering high ROIs on small capitals. They always close down without issuing prior notice to their clients.

Also, note that these platforms always remit high ROIs to incentivize more customers to join them. This heralds the start of the affiliate program, and then the frenzy dies down after a few months when the Company abruptly closes down.

Moreover, since the identity of the owner of this Norderworks platform is a mystery, you should think hard about the safety of your investment. 

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