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Downloading interesting movies online has never been easier than using to access the plethora of NetNaijaMovies on the website.

Are you a fan of Nollywood movies? Do you wish to download unabridged Nollywood TV Shows, Nollywood Yoruba movies, or do you wish to download the latest 2020 Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies online?

Try NetNaijaMovies today and experience a new definition of downloading media content from online platforms. Read this post to learn more about the movie categories on NetNaija and how to download movies from the website without encountering any problems.

NetNaijaMovies and TV Shows

There are many movies and TV Shows available for you to download from the website.

Besides the extensive lists of content under the “Forum” Category, the staggering media content in the “Entertainment” cache is the most fascinating part of the NetNaija website.

In this category, you can be able to access NetNaijaMovies and a lot of TV Shows. You can also do live streaming or preferably, download the available videos into your mobile device or PC.

NetNaijaMovies can keep you entertained during long uneventful days, instead of sitting with heavy eyelids. The movies in this category are awesome. And the most exciting part of it is that 90% of the foreign movies on the website have an attached IMDb rating.

This reduces the chances of your selecting uninteresting movies from the NetNaijaMovies categories. Once you view the rating from thousands of fans, you can decide whether downloading the movie is worth the effort or not.

Also, you can download Bollywood movies from the site in subtitles. Often, Bollywood movies may be so interesting that you will want to download the subtitles. With the NetNaijaMovies categories, you can download movie subtitles of Bollywood movies produced in Hindi or Tamil.

Net Naija Forum and Sports Updates

The Net Naija website does not just provide NetNaijaMovies for free download, it also offers other packages grouped in the different cache such as:

  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Education
  • News
  • Life
  • Web Development

And there are a few more. Like the “Videos” category, these categories have amazing sub-content that can provide the most thrilling experience you will have while downloading from the site.

The sports updates include credible details from foreign sports and games. Similarly, the News section widely features content from foreign agencies such as CNN reports on the US election.

2020 NetNaijaMovies on

The following are 2020 Nollywood movies from the NetNaijaMovies category on the website:

Cat & Dog Marriage

Royal war

Beautiful Palace Love

Strange Sisters

The Throne

Crazy Royal Battle

Marriage Conspiracy

Hour of Victory

Throne of madness

For the Sake of Love

Queens and Princesses


Uju My Love

Royal Affairs

Beautiful Poor Maiden

Beautiful Royal Maiden

Six Years of Marriage

Crown of Victory

Dangerous Love

Love of Margret

And there are still more Nollywood movies in the NetNaijaMovies category.

2020 Hollywood NetNaijaMovies

The NetNaija website never runs short of Hollywood movies. You can check out the list of movies that you can download from the movie categories on the site.

The following are the NetNaijaMovies in this category:


Kevin Hart: Zero Fucks Given (2020)


Love in Harmony

The Cure

The Last Christmas Party

All Joking Aside

Death of Me

Echo Boomers

It Cuts Deep

Come Away

Chick Fight

Friend Request



My Dad’s Christmas Date


A Christmas Gift from Bob

The New Mutants

Not Quite Dead Yet





From Friend to Fiancé

Come Play

How to download Movies from

You can follow the steps below to download movies from the NetNaijaMovies category on the website:

  • First, make sure that you have a suitable web browser
  • Then visit
  • At the top of the website, place and hold the cursor on the videos option
  • Select Movies
  • Then scroll through the list of movies in this category to select your preferred movie
  • Click on it
  • Then click on “Download”

You can either search the movie categories or you can use the search box to find the movie. If you know the name of the movie you wish to download and watch, you can type it in the search box as this is the faster way to download from the site.


NetNaijaMovies are some of the best movie collections you can get online. It only takes a visit to start downloading these movies for free.

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