NetNaija Movies | How to Download Interesting Movies on NetNaija

NetNaija Movies are the best movie options for those who intend to download the best movies online. Also, NetNaija is a platform that allows you to download movies from different genres for free.

If you are interested in downloading NetNaija, then this post is tailored to guide you on how to do this without any problems.

NetNaija Movies Categories

NetNaija Movies are provided under different categories that make it easy for you to find the one you have in mind. Naturally, as a newbie, you should know about the movie categories available on the website.

NetNaija offers different kinds of content such as apps, music videos, TV Programs, Sports documentary, and pageant shows, but the most amazing content on the site is the NetNaija Movies category.

You can download movies and complete seasonal shows from the Movie categories on the platform by searching for the cache that contains the movie you want.

Just like most good websites online, NetNaija Movies are arranged in titular form. As you scroll down the homepage, you can view the list of movies in a category according to the time sequence, popularity, or genre.

If you enjoy the Yoruba genre of Nollywood movies, then you can check the recent updates in the Nollywood movies category. You will likely find it on the NetNaija categories.

Movie Categories on NetNaija

Take a look at some of the Nollywood movies on the website:

Marriage Conspiracy

Royal War

My Wife My Love

Crown of Thorns

Sorrowful Maiden

Crown of Victory

Six Years of Marriage

On a Platter of Gold

One Wish

Gold Ashes

And so many more Nollywood movies on the NetNaija Movies category.

Also, you can be able to download these movies in the Hollywood genre from the website:

The Cure

Death of Me

Come Away

Echo Boomers

It Cuts Deep

The New Mutants



Broken Law

Friend Request

These are only a glimpse of the new 2020 movies available on the available Movies category on the platform.

You can see that the movie list cuts across different genres such as Romance, Action, Adventure, Horror, Drama, and many more. You can make a pick from the movies on the list.

You can also be able to download Bollywood movies from the website such as:

Serious Man

Bandish Bandits


London Confidential

Lootcase (2020)

And many others.

If you prefer Hindi movies on the site in English, you can download the English subtitle into your mobile device or PC.

How to Download NetNaija Movies

At this point, you might be eager to download from the NetNaija on the online platform. You can follow the steps below to download from the website:

  • Go to
  • At the top of the Homepage, place the cursor on “Video”
  • You will be shown the available categories
  • Select the movie category you like
  • Scroll past the movie brand picture to choose a download option
  • Click on it.

The instant you click on the download icon, the movie starts to download into your mobile device or PC.

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