NCDC Recruitment Update | Job Opportunities in the NCDC

The recent NCDC Recruitment Update comprises an exhaustive list and description of the job opportunities in the NCDC. Learn about the career prospects in the NCDC here. 

 Working in collaboration with the Helmholtz Center for Infection and Research (HZI), the NCDC works tirelessly to understand the outbreak and spread of new infections and proffer ways to curb their progress. 

Bearing this in mind, you can apply for a job in any of the vacant positions in the NCDC by learning the requirements and the latest NCDC Recruitment Update in this post. 

Recent NCDC Job Recruitment Update

Recently, many candidates interested in making a career in the NCDC have been searching the internet for news of NCDC Recruitment Update. If you are one of them, then you can rest assured that this article provides the information you are looking for here in this post.

The following positions are currently vacant following the NCDC Recruitment Update:

Surveillance Support Officer

Interested candidates should apply in these states: Lagos, Ebonyi, Rivers, Abuja, Kano, Plateau, and a few other states. So, you can apply for this post in the mentioned state branches of the NCDC.


If you are finally selected, the office demands these tasks from you:

  • You will collect all laboratory findings and clinical reports on the prevalent disease and feed it directly into the SORMAS Database.
  • Also, work closely with the lab technicians to keep track of new developments.
  • You will provide daily updates of disease tests
  • Analyze managerial efforts in fighting the disease, and furnish the analysis on SORMAS
  • Also, you will back up every claim of affiliation with the testing centers by providing documented evidence of endorsement.
  • Attest to the truth of testing reports in any of the clinical centers by linking credible sources for reference purposes.
  • You will provide data from the SORMAS base on request.
  • Secure the information in SORMAS to avoid possible loss of forms or documents.

Apart from the tasks listed above, you will be required to do other works as well.


Based on the NCDC Recruitment Update, the requirements you will provide to get this position are: 

  • At least a first degree in any discipline
  • A minimum of two years of familiarity with MS Excel
  • General competence on a computer
  • Proficiency in the use of English and more than a smattering of the native language.
  •  You should be able to work with detailed information
  • You must have proven skills in data collation and interpretation
  • Also, you must show readiness to prioritize data privacy use.

Data Officer

If you are interested in this post, you can apply at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The following are the tasks required in this field, according to the recent NCDC Recruitment Update.

  • Check systems updates for maximal yield in fieldwork.
  • Eject systems malfunction or related issues using troubleshoot
  • Have full cognizance of the SORMAS HELP link
  • You will ensure that the users of the SORMAS App to have an easy time using the app.
  • Create new accounts for more users according to NCDC regulations.
  • You will also keep surveillance files and test reports updated on SMORS.
  • Be able to provide status reports on tech for the IT experts in SORMAS, highlighting issues that require attention.
  • Be able to rig up SORMAS computer installations.


You are required to meet these points before you apply:

  • Three or more years of work experience with Data Management in the Medical field.
  • You must possess a first degree from a credible university
  • Have demonstrable knowledge of IDSR and DHIS-2
  • You must have a work history intersecting Surveillance and Medical Records
  • At least an average understanding of MS Office and other related tools
  • You must have proven skills in data collation and interpretation
  • You should be able to think on your feet or be able to think logically
  • Be able to work within fixed time limits.
  • You should be able to uphold data privacy rules.

NCDC Recruitment Update: Surveillance Data Clerk

Surveillance Data Clerk is a full-time job opportunity, according to the NCDC Recruitment Update. If you wish to apply for the post of Data Clerk, then you should read this section carefully.

You will fulfill the following responsibilities in the NCDC:

  • Find necessary data for epidemiologists to prepare disease combatant units
  • Provide required support for execution of SORMAS projects
  • Encourage widespread use of the SORMAS App.
  • Proffer data-based solutions to surveillance problems
  • Establish fruitful grounds for collaboration between the laboratory workers and the surveillance experts.
  • Provide technical support for Emergency Operations Centers
  • You will play supervisory and mentorship roles to the DSNOs working in the local government areas.
  • Provide technical advice involving data collection and analysis working with Lab scientists.
  • Oversee the execution of disease monitoring projects in the state
  • You will keep the Surveillance Department of the NCDC updated daily.

Additionally, you will perform miscellaneous tasks.


According to the NCDC Recruitment Update, you are to meet these requirements before you apply for this post: 

  • A minimal of six years’ work experience with surveillance/reconnoiter units based in the country. 
  • Have a university degree in the following fields: Veterinary, Medicine, and related fields.
  • You will provide your Master’s degree in the medical field.
  • You must be residing in the state you will be assigned. 
  • Have a good knowledge of MS Office and other specified tools.
  • Possess a high level of proven skills in data collation and interpretation.
  • Be familiar with SORMAS equipment and how they work.
  • Have a work history of surveillance operations in Local government areas.
  • You must be able to employ logical skills and have firm rational views on issues.
  • You must be able to design and transmit expert reports for easy consumption by a lay audience.
  • Be proficient in English and be able to express yourself in the native language.
  • You should also note that having good managerial skills and being able to multitask are weighted advantages according to reports of the NCDC Recruitment Update reaching us. 

Note: some of the career prospects listed in this article are specifically for candidates residing in the state where they are assigned; this so that the workers will relate well with the locals.

Check the official NCDC recruitment website.

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