Nairaland Forum | How To Post, Login And Other Useful Information About Nairaland

Do you want to know more about Nairaland Forum? You will have come across Nairaland if you have a liking for Social Media trends. Those who read news from online sources will also be familiar with the forum.

 There are many news outlets covering stories about Nigeria and Africa. Some of these are registered magazines, circulars, or national newspapers. But it is much more fun to read stories and news updates on Nairaland.

Apparently, the reason for this appears to be that users find the forum to be more engaging, and fun, and also offer content on more varied topics. 

Continue with us so you can know what the platform is all about, including other useful information about how to log in and how to upload your posts on the site.

About Nairaland

This web forum was created with the aim of offering its myriad of target users an inclusive platform for sharing and discussing topical issues from different aspects of life.

It is intended to avail people of an online medium for posting and reading news, and entertainment clips, and to catch up on the latest fashion trends. As such, Nairaland is a highly sought-after website in Nigeria. 

Many people from across the country are actively engaging with content that is posted on the website. 

Some of the topics that often catch people’s interest on the online forum are found in these categories:

According to Alexa Rankings, before 2015, Nairaland was the most visited Nigerian website. The same index lists Nairaland as the most visited website in Africa.  

What You Will See on the Nairaland Forum

On the platform, you can access any content, choosing from any category that catches your fancy. These could be:

 And there are more on the site. 

Who Created Nairaland Forum?

The person who created Nairaland is Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa, popularly known as Seun Osewa. 

Mr. Osewa has been fascinated with technology and the field of programming since his youth. Building on his dream, Seun Osewa has made a name for himself around the globe for being the sole creator and owner of Nairaland Forum. 

In 2015, he was listed in T.I.N Magazine’s top ten most influential entrepreneurs online.

You Can Use These Devices To View the Website:

You do not need too many gadgets to be able to log in to the website or view posts. 

Basically, you can do this if your mobile phone supports WAP 1.0 or WAP 2.0/XHTML and of course, you must have a good browser too.

How To Join 

To register Nairaland is very easy, all you require to be able to join are:

  1. Your email address
  2. Create your preferred username
  3. Create your password 

All of these can be filled in the spaces provided on the Join Nairaland Forum/Register page included HERE,

How To Upload Your Post On Nairaland

 Once you get on Nairaland, the first thing you notice is that the forum allows many registered users to create and upload their posts online.

You may feel the itch to publish your own post bordering on any of the categories available on the forum. If this is the case, then read the steps in this section carefully.

  • Ensure that your post is well-written and directed at the right audience
  • Get a good browser with fast internet speed and a steady connection.
  • Visit
  • Ensure that you have already been registered (and have been verified by a message sent to your email address)
  • Navigate through the listed topics
  • At the end of the listed topic, click on “Create A Topic” 
  • You can start creating your preferred topic
  • Also, ensure that you fill out the relevant spaces
  • Then, save your post to “Public Access”

Note: the forum does not allow you to place unauthorized adverts. You risk your membership If you continue posting adverts on the platform.

Moreover, Nairaland is the ideal place to relieve stress if you looking forward to some fun topics to engage in. So, visit the platform soon.

How to post on Nairaland Forum

follow the steps below to learn how to post on Nairaland forum.

  1. You will first enter the Nairaland forum com or Nairaland forum app.
  2. Then you open the new tab in your browser.
  3. After that, enter the name of the website (URL)
  4. Then you open the link of
  5. Make sure that you are registered at the forum
  6. You will see many subjects, and you will be allowed to scroll down. You will see the “Create a topic” button when you scroll down to the end of the complete list of the subject.
  7. After that, you will then create a topic, fill in the obligatory field, and save (post) it to the public access
  8. You have to be a registered user of Nairaland and don’t place inadmissible advertising as it will limit or cancel your access to Nairaland forever.

Features of Nairaland Forum

Nairaland has unique thrills and benefits to begin a registered member of Nairaland. And am sure you will not like to miss out on these features and benefits.

1. Signatures: Examining the signatures of others can be educational, informative, or even annoying at times. Because people’s signatures sometimes give insight into their real-life personalities.

2. Nairaland has many humorous and enlightening posts that can bring a smile to your face and also can make you want to return the favor by liking what the person posted. As a guest, you do not have the ability to see or even use the like button.

3. Follow: If you are a guest on a forum, you may come across topics that are of high interest to you but the problem is that you will miss out on the ability to follow them and receive notifications when they are updated. It may also take you a while to browse through the large collection of topics and you can use up a lot of data before you are able to locate your favorite thread.

4. Mention: As a member of the forum, and no one knows your existence, it won’t be enjoyable. This feature is available to registered users because it allows you to stay relevant by allowing you to know when someone mentions your name on a specific thread or topic.

5. Reply: Always being actively involved in making things happen or being part of a group that drives change in a forum, group, or arena can be fulfilling and give you a sense of relevance. But being a quest, you will miss out on the opportunity to participate in educational and informative topics.

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    1. It’s easy to join. Simply search “Nairaland Sign-up” on your phone web browser, then fill in a few registration details to get your account. Good luck

    2. Hello, Anitex. There is a link to the Nairaland sign-up page in the post. Click on it to join as it’s easier that way.

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