N-Power Registration | How you can Register for N-Power

Learn all the information you need about the N-Power Registration process, including the requirements and eligibility in this post. Do you wish to participate in an N-Power program? Here is your chance to learn about this empowerment opportunity and how you can apply for it.

N-power registration is part of the Federal Government’s poverty alleviation scheme. It attempts to teach viable business models to Nigerian youths who opt for the training sessions. Also, qualified applicants are entitled to monthly payments courtesy of the N-Power scheme.

So, how do you apply for this opportunity? Learn it in this post.

Eligible Candidates for 2021/2022 N-power registration

For the 2021/2022 N-power registration, there are specific regulations that must be followed for you to be able to benefit from the N-power program.

They include:

  • Unemployed graduates/non-graduates
  • Eligible applicants within the age bracket, 18 to 35 years.
  • Participants who will become change agents on completion of the N-Power training.

The above are all the criteria that interested applicants must meet before they can embark on the N-power registration process.

2021/2022 N-power Registration Requirements

The requirement for the 2021/2022 N-power registration process are listed below:

Ensure that you have your Bank Verification Number with you (a printout is still in order). 

  • N-Power participants must meet the pre-requisite unemployed status. 
  • Ensure that you have your valid passport, (if possible, file size about 1megabyte in JPEG)
  • Your current email address/phone number.
  • Your certificates, if any. 
  • You should provide your full credentials if you intend to apply for other options in the N-Power program caches.

Also, you should beware of third parties seeking to facilitate the N-power registration process for you in the hopes of laying out their pockets. You can do your registration online as Npower does not work with facilitators.

How to register for the 2021/2022 N-power program

The N-power registration procedure has clear guidelines that you must follow strictly. They are:

  • Ensure that you provide only the required information, and they must be valid.
  • Provide your current contact; email address, and current phone number (ensure that this is valid because the body will likely send a confirmatory message to the email or phone number you provide)
  • Provide your BVN after your email has been verified as valid. (At this stage, you cannot continue with this registration should your BVN be invalid. Please, provide accurate information to avoid this).
  • You will have to provide a few personal details such as your name, sex, etc. so that it corresponds with the entries on your BVN.
  • On the page requiring information about your education level, you should answer honestly. You need not fear censorship as uneducated youths can still participate in the program.
  • If you are a university graduate, then you are more suited for N-Teach or N-Health. These categories are off-limits for non-graduates.
  • You should know that your academic qualifications will be required for the N-Power Registration if you opt for non-graduate programs.
  • As the N-Power registration is for currently unemployed youths, you will pass a test in this regard.
  • Additionally, the N-Power registration process requires that you provide your valid ID Card. This can be anything in this category: your Driver’s License, PVC, National Identification Card, and valid International Passport.
Apart from the above, these extra information will be of use should you make it to this stage. 

As the trainer/trainees section of the N-Health and N-Teach sections attempts to produce desirable results, university graduates with degrees such as the ones below will receive weightier preference:

Bachelor’s Degree or OND/HND in the Medical Sciences like Psychology, Medicine & Surgery, Nursing, and many other similar courses. 

The reason for this is to recruit the best hands for the N-Power program.

Also, before you submit your N-Power registration form, ensure that you go through the preview page to correct any errors in your form. After this, you can submit it. 

Once you submit your N-Power application form, the system goes through it and gives you an identification number. 

NOTE: You may not get another chance to correct any errors you make in the N-Power application form. So, go through it thoroughly to avoid submitting incorrect details as it can detract from your credibility.  Check the website for more information.


If you are looking for a way to fend off the pangs of unemployment and create bright prospects for your career, then you should go for the N-Power program. It costs nothing to apply, remember?

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