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Learn about the N-power portal, how to apply for N-power, and the recent job opportunities at CBN for N-power beneficiaries in this post.

N-power is a word you would hear often on the lips of many Nigerians. The initiative is a poverty alleviation scheme that attempts to mitigate the toll of unemployment and poverty on Nigerian citizens living below the poverty line.

To be able to learn more about this project, how it works, the benefits you are likely to gain from it, and how you can apply, you should first read our post on the N-power portal. 

Hopefully, you will have the necessary information that can help facilitate your application for the program using the N-power portal. Stay with us.

N-power Portal Login

We have talked about the N-power portal as being necessary for you to submit your N-power program application. You should also know that there are certain limitations to the category of applicants who are eligible to use the website login portal.

The N-power 2020 program has been on-going since the start of the year, different batches have been called, and the successful applicants have been duly selected for subsequent training with the N-power organizers. 

Currently, those who have been successfully qualified for the program have access to the N-power portal. There, they can go ahead with providing further information to the organizers such as their bank details, email address, and other relevant information.

Although you can still hope to apply for the program using the N-power portal, there has been an update from the Federal Government involving the creation of a new N-power portal known as N-Exit, and this has held the spotlight and gotten more of FG’s attention than the N-power portal application login.

Would you like to learn about the N-Exit portal too? See below for a brief read.

Does the N-Exit portal replace the N-power portal?

The question many people who are interested in applying for the N-power program are asking right now is whether the recently created N-Exit portal replaces the N-power portal or not. Well, you should know that the answer is no.

N-exit was is a recent scheme from a Federal Government directive for successful N-power beneficiaries. It aims to provide employment opportunities for them in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 

As you can see, the N-power portal ultimately paves the way for huge wins should your N-power application be selected. But there is more to this than just any ordinary portal.

After going through the N-power Application login process and filling in the required details, you will be taken through the initiatives training sessions where you will be taught invaluable skills depending on the scheme you can fit in.

After this training, you can hope to benefit from employment opportunities intended to harness the skills you learned for the benefit of the Nation. This is where N-Exit comes in.

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Both websites are still relevant and functional; successful applicants use the N-power portal while exiting beneficiaries of the program will get juicy positions with the CBN through the N-Exit portal.

How to apply for 2021/2022 N-power

Applying for this program is easy, you just have to follow these steps closely:

  • Read the brief description of the N-power application by the organization to have a full grasp of what you should do.
  • Then log in to the official website.
  • Read and “Accept” the conditions
  • Then proceed to the Application form and start filling in the required information.

Note: Before you start, ensure that you possess your BVN, bank account, birth certificate, valid passports, contact, and other details bordering on competence in basic Math and proficiency in English.

Updating your N-power Account

Like we said before, the N-power Portal allows successful applicants to create an N-power account where they can provide their bank details so they can receive monthly payments. 

But how can you update your N-power account if the need arises? Follow the quick steps below to do this without any issues:

  • Go to npvn.npower.gov.ng
  • Use the normal login procedure: type in your email and your password
  • Click the “Set up an Account” on the website homepage.
  • Choose a bank from the options that display and enter your bank details.
  • Then hit the “Update Account” tab.

If you make any corrections in it, it rectifies at this point.

Seize this opportunity to benefit from a government-funded program right now. Also, if you are an exiting beneficiary of the N-power program, you can check the newly created N-exit portal for possible news of employment opportunities in CBN.

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