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Are you looking for credible N-power News and other updates about the N-power program? Then you should read our post on the latest news about N-power.

Many Nigerians have been beneficiaries of the N-power program, but a harder part of this exercise for most of them is getting a credible N-power News source. We have been searching through the right channels and have been able to come up with the latest updates regarding the N-power program.

What do these pieces of news look like? If you are an N-power beneficiary, how does it affect you? Read this article to the last section to get the answer to these questions and more.

Recent N-power News

The most recent N-power News updates follow closely on the concluded N-power registration process.

The Federal government has made known to the general public that there’s currently a website portal for exiting beneficiaries of the N-power program known as N-Exit (N-exit).

What does this portend for the N-power beneficiaries? It bodes a lot of admirable prospects since it avails them of opportunities of employment in any of the entrepreneurship businesses that work closely with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Although this is a joyful N-power News on the face of it, the beneficiaries must first meet the CBN criteria for suitability. Impliedly, CBN employment opportunities will be based on merit. This is also in line with the Federal Government’s vision to empower youths as the driving force of developing the national economy of Nigeria.

Following up on the press statement by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development (FMHDS), Sadiyar Umar Farouq, the body goes further to provide an N-Exit web portal for interested participants of the N-Power program.

Beneficiaries who are interested in this opportunity are advised to login to the N-Exit web portal and provide the required details for the N-exit program.

The relevant materials will not be too hard to provide. Basically, it may just be demonstrable proof of having been a beneficiary of the N-Power program.

N-Exit Web Portal

Based on the N-power News release by the Presidency, the benefits Nigerian youths stand to gain from the N-Exit Web Portal is enormous and will channel efforts of entrepreneurs towards boosting the economy.

Going with this, it should not be hard for you to log in to the web portal and prove your eligibility by providing the required documents.

Tips on How to Login to N-exit Portal

Until further N-power News updates are released by the FMHDS, you should follow the simple guide below to login to your N-exit Portal:

Ensure that you keep the details of your N-power Account, avoid making frequent changes to it.

Ensure that the data on your N-power account profile corresponds with those on your BVN, School Certificates, Email, and other valid documents.

Be honest, providing false information at this stage can cost you this opportunity.

Then lastly, endeavor to always check the FMHDS website for N-power News updates so you can know when the N-Exit Web Portal can be accessed.

NOTE: News of this CBN empowerment scheme is out since few days ago. If you are want to join the program, then you should hang around for more updates.

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