My MTN App Cheat | MyMTN App Free 500 MB, Browse With Free MB

My MTN App Cheat is the current promo offering free 500 MB to customers on entry. Download My MTN App to get a free 500MB incentive from MTN using the procedure in this post.

Also, the My MTN App Cheat service is accessible on any mobile device. It only requires a browser and a SIM Card. Although many customers prefer to call this offer a cheat, you can get MyMTN App for free on MTN official website. The company even provides links to Google Play Store and Apple Store to allow customers to install the app for free.

My MTN App Cheat: Description

The MTN Customer Care line is constantly deluged by phone calls from the company’s customers seeking different kinds of help. The company wishes to help its customers familiarize themselves with their services and the new products on the app.

To make this possible, MTN provides My MTN App Cheat, available online as MyMTN app. And with the mobile app installed on your phone, you can view updates and keep in touch with the trends on the platform.

Moreover, it costs 0.00 Naira to download the mobile app. MTN further encourages more download traffic by providing customers with a free 500 MB on downloading, installing, and logging into MyMTN App.


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Services Available on the MTN Mobile App

On the MTN mobile app, you can get the following services:

  • You can activate Data Plans (one-off options or automatic)
  • Manage your call details and.
  • It also gives you access to your MTN call history
  • Request personal data for login
  • It gives you notification of new services on the network
  • Further, the app allows you for multiple users per customer
  • Also, you can use the app to send and receive MTN credits.

There are additional services on the mobile app like “Live Chat Integration”, payment via debit cards, and private pages for you and your family.

On the MTN Online website, there is a complete list of the services customers can get using My MTN App Cheat. Preferably, you can get yours by texting MyMTN to their quick service, 5018.

Free 500 MB Incentive on the App

You can get a 500 MB from MTN for free using the steps below:

  1. Find and Install the app on Google Play Store
  2. Register/Sign-up on the Mobile App with your current MTN mobile phone number.
  3. MTN will send you a unique OTP code
  4. Enter the code
  5. Then click on the Login tab

After registering on the app, you can roam for a few minutes while waiting for the free MegaByte. It is an automated feature. So, after a short time, it appears on the app giving you options to click on it and get 500 MB. Opt for the free Megabyte.

Do you want to more from My MTN App Cheat? You can get a few more megabytes by acquiring more MTN SIM Cards and then following these steps:

  1. Log out of your MyMTN
  2. Ensure you clear all the entry in the Data History cache
  3. Then login again using a different MTN mobile phone number
  4. Use the OTP code you will receive for the MTN line to log into the app.
  5. Then accept the 500 MB Data offer once it displays on the app.

Note: Ensure that the SIM Cards bearing the numbers you attempt to login with are with you. If not, you will not be able to retrieve the OTP code when MTN sends it.

Unlike the usual One-Off daily plan on MTN, My MTN App Cheat is available for thirty days. When you work through your data, you can still buy data plans on the app or wait for the pop-up MTN Top Deal promo.

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