MultiTrade Global Review | Offers 3.5% Daily Profit Via Insurance | Scam?

MultiTrade Global is one of the few high yield profit avenues promising daily passive incomes, although it lacks a relevant SEC license.

The official website is currently undergoing maintenance, according to the execs. So, members will have to make do with the Russian-rendered cc domain website. What does the site say about the company?

Generally, it contains the typical “been there done that” template of most high yield investment testimonials, citing that it has been operating for several years at a go. Also, given the company’s UK incorporation and other basic legal requisites, the company may well pass as a legit enterprise save for one glitch _ vague insurance funds.

The preferred phrase is pre-formulated insurance. Something of this nature was thrown around by companies that tie incomes to an audit/deposit balance. Here is a breakdown of the situation.

Upon passing any contract as being eligible for membership participation, the creator earns a steady income stream weighted by the volume of engagements to the said contracts. If the engagements diminish, so does the relevance of the contract, thus acting as a check (insurance).

Here, we see the same pattern repeating in a very MLM fashion. The above insurance ROI belongs to the Hyperverse App fad, while MultiTrade Global adds a referral hue to the picture. Here is how it works.

Members will have to buy a plan from the platform, generate specified downline volumes, and maintain steady feedback to retain the ROIs. You can see that this is similar to the Hyperverse insurance pay model.

Both platforms basically wind down to sign-up slips spurring recruitment by tacking profits to members’ downline volumes. See the compensation plan in the section below.

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MultiTrade Global: Compensation Plan

MultiTrade Global uses a twofold investment plan, paying profits on the two options.

Professional (available for $25000-$100000) _ pays three percent (3%) daily over a seventy-days investment period.

Advanced (available for $24500-$10000) _ pays 2.4% over a seventy days investment period.

Standard (available for $20-$9900) _ pays 1.8% over a seventy days investment period.

Correspondingly, each plan remits 3.2% (one day), 3.5% on subsequent days; 2.5% on one day, 2.9% on subsequent days; 2% on one day; 2.3% on subsequent days.

Moreover, the MultiTrade Global feedback compliance earns members bonuses and loyalty perks.

Eligible accounts earn profits from a unilevel bonus lattice. Here is how it works.

Your first recruits occupy the first level (regardless of how many they are), while the second level contains recruits by your first level downlines, leading to a compensation lattice.

MLMs invariably use these grids for paying referral commissions to affiliates.

MultiTrade Global pays you the following percentage profits per downline level.

1% on Level 3

2% on Level 2

6% on Level 1 (for personally referred members)

Further, you can earn on a different profit scale upon reaching a threshold downline deposit of $100000. Payable commissions are then as follows.

1-4% on Levels 4-3

3% on Level 2

10% on Level 1

Moreover, you can earn rewards upon reaching specific downline investment volumes. Here is how it works. (Note: GV = Generated Volume)

$500000 from downline GV earns you $6000

$200000 from downline GV earns you $2500

Also, $100000 from downline GV earns you $100

$50000 from downline GV earns you $500

$20000 from downline GV earns you $200

Lastly, $5000 from GV earns you $50

The median bonus is ten percent (10%) of the GV, except for the $100000 mark, which comes with other perks.

Possible Red Flags

The first issue about this platform is regulation. Already, the appropriate Russian authorities warn against investing in the company because of Ponzi. 

You need only look at the compensation model to realize it is the bulk of revenue streams for MultiTrade Global. How else does the company raise ROIs? Perhaps, the so-called pre-formulated insurance thingy is the catch. Then, there is the issue of testimonials, which use ROIs to threaten members into compliance.

Additionally, nothing proves that the company has any sustainable streams (as evidenced by a warning from the Central Bank of Russia).

Income streams wind down to maintaining the referral lattice, which basically recycles deposits back to the members looking to withdraw at the time.

Is it Legit?

Earning profits off a pyramid bonus grid is the purview of MLM promoters. Finiko, Girali, Chainmine, Watermine, and Wales Kingdom Capital are some examples of such high yield scams.

MultiTrade Global is not legal for the mere instance of possessing a UK incorporation. Requisite SEC license is crucial. Don’t fall for the scam.

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