MTN Binge Plan | MTN Data Plans, Get 2GB Data for N500

MTN is a telecom service to reckon with in terms of data subscription and network. You can browse the internet using the MTN Binge Plan at a low price. How do you get this plan? Let us show you how in this post.

For a long time, other Network Providers in Nigeria try to leverage any lapse in their service by providing Data Plans and other promos to customers. But MTN is not left out in this trend. The company also offers its cache of data plans like the MTN Binge Plan. 

Also, MTN regularly offers TOP DEAL values that allow customers to get extra data at low prices. And there have been several data cheats from MTN like the ones below:

MTN Hammer VPN


And the MTN 24clan VPN Pro

MTN Binge Plan: Brief Description

The MTN Binge Plan is MTN’s follow-up strategy allowing its customers to get data plans similar to the Airtel Binge Plan. And you can easily subscribe to this data plan using the company’s mobile MyMTN app.

Also, MTN will give you a 500 MB Bonus if you download the app. It will help you start nicely on the MyMTN app and also serves as an incentive.

Further, the MTN Binge Plan is a special offer targeting internet nerds who crave data to continue browsing. Just like the name suggests, this promo allows you to take bulks of MTN Data off the cart. Subscribers get so many data offers that they appear to binge on it.

Values of the MTN Binge Plan

Briefly, the values of the MTN Binge Plan look like the following:

  • Two Giga Bytes (2 GB) at a price of N500 Credit
  • One Giga Bytes (1 GB) at the cost of N 350

Although these values look plainly like the Airtel Binge Plan, some customers say that the MTN Binge Plan works on any SIM. We cannot confirm this, however.

Moreover, you can check your MTN  Data balance by texting 2 to 131.


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Start Using the Data Plan

To start using the Binge Plan from the company, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Mobile app from the website first (MyMTN app)
  2. Then click on the sign-up option to get an account
  3. Login to your account (MTN will give you a 500 MB incentive)
  4. Click on the Hot Deals option on the Homepage
  5. Select Daily
  6. Finally, you can subscribe to any daily plan you want.

Also, always note that the plan you can get with this procedure is available for a one-off purchase or continuous daily purchase. And it is available for mobile phones and laptops. The service notifies you of the deal termination when the period elapses.

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