MTN 300 for 1GB Code | Activate 1.5 GB Data on MTN | 1.5 GB Code

Do you know if you can access the MTN 300 for 1GB Code? The MTN 1GB Data offer is available for MTN users. Now, you can finally get the promo by learning how to do so here in this article. Activate/subscribe to the MTN 300 for 1GB Code using the MTN 1GB USSD codes and the links we provide in this post.

MTN 300 for 1GB Code: Description

Recently, there has been a clutter of Data Subscription offers at low prices from MTN. Just like the usual Top Deal pop offers from the Network, this MTN 300 for 1GB Code is another promo allowing you to get so much data for a low price

Also, many internet users will always latch onto any opportunity to get free browsing data or megabytes at low prices. If you are also interested in Special Packages from Network Providers, access this MTN 300 for 1GB Code.

What does it take to get this offer and start using it? You only have to perform a preliminary task. It involves downloading the MyMTN App into your mobile device. See the following section for how you can download the app.

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Download My MTN App to Access MTN 1GB

You can use the following procedure to download the MyMTN app into your mobile device:

  • Get your mobile phone ready (ensure you have at least 300 naira credit)
  • Now, open the Create Message folder
  • Send MyMTN to 5018 and click on the link in the download link for their reply.
  • You can also click on the pop-up free 500 MB option on the website to get additional megabytes for free.

Alternatively, you can download the MyMTN app on Google Store (

Now, you can proceed to the next section to learn how to get the MTN 300 for 1GB Code.

How to Subscribe to MTN 1GB Data

MTN offers valuable data subscription packages at low, affordable prices. To provide the best service to its customers, the telecoms company provides this weekly data plan. 

You can use these steps to subscribe to it:

  1. Ensure you have sufficient data balance (at least N300 airtime credit amount) 
  2. Go to the MyMTN App you downloaded previously, 
  3. Open Mega Deal Zone
  4. There is an egg motif signifying the MTN Top Deal offer. It allows you to get 1GB of Data.
  5. Click on it
  6. Then select Accept to subscribe successfully to the MTN 300 for a 1GB plan.

Do you want to get this browsing data faster? Then use this method:

  • Send the USSD, *121#, to MTN
  • Immediately, you will receive an alert for a 7-day weekly 1GB one-off successful data subscription.

Note this Data Subscription Package is only valid for a week.

How to Activate MTN 1GB for 300

For you to activate the MTN 1GB for 300 Naira data plan, you have to follow these steps below

1. First, go to the dialer app on your phone.

2. Then you dial *131# and press enter.

3. You will see some options on the screen, just pick option 3 which is for ” Social Bundle”.

4. You will also see another option, choose the option for “Social Mega Bundle”

5. Then you will reply with 2 which is for 1GB for N300 (valid for 7 days).

6. You then follow the prompts to subscribe to the plan.

As long as you follow all these steps, that means you have completed your activation and they will deduct 300N from your MTN line main balance then you will be given 1GB worth of data.

And make sure that you have at least 300N on your MTN line before you make the subscription.

How to be Eligible for MTN 1GBfor 300

Most of you do think that you can’t activate the MTN 1GB for 300N on all the MTN SIMs, but we are here to let you know that you can activate all the MTN SIM care not minding your tariff plan or even the type of SIM like 2G, 3G, or 4G.

This is to tell you that a customer of MTN SIM whether old or new can use and enjoy the MTN data plan of 300N for 1GB without the use of a VPN or even changing their tariff plans.

to activate this plan, all you need is a working MTN SIM Card, and it should have at least 300 Naira in your main balance. As long as you have all this, then you are good to go.

Note that this plan is only for social media use, and can’t be used in another platform. So you have to make sure that you know very much about this plan before you subscribe.

How to check MTN 300 for 1GB Data Balance

Most of you don’t know how to check the MTN data balance, maybe it is because you don’t want to know if you received the data or you don’t mind monitoring how you use the data.

For those who are interested in knowing how to check their MTN data balance, simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to the dialer app on your phone
  • Then you dial *131*4#
  • You will see some information about your data balance on the screen
  • They will also send you a notification message from the MTN with the details of the balance of data left on your 1GB bundle and the validity period left.

Alternative Way to Get 1GB MTN for N300

Follow the steps below to know the alternative way to get the MTN 1GB for N300

1. Make sure that you have at least N300 airtime on your SIM

2. After that, you will then launch your MyMTN app and click on, Mega Deal Zone.

3. Then you click on the top “Deal egg to crack” and you will see an image below.

4. Click register to enter.

5. This bundle can also be accessed by dialing *121# as said before, and also selecting the Data4me option. If you are qualified, you will see the 1GB MTN offer for 300 Naira, or #200, and valid for i week.

6. Note that the best offer egg can only be cracked once. Ensure that you are prepared to sign up before breaking.

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