Mpower Financing Review | Benefits, Eligibility, Worth of Mpower Loans

Mpower Financing Review: Here is a chance for you to further your education in an international university. This Mpower Financing Review explains the benefits and worth of the scholarship loans from the Mpower Company, how you can get them, and their validity periods.

Also learn more about securing an international scholarship loan without cosigners, collaterals, and prerogatives. This Mpower Financing Loan is available to all willing applicants regardless of Country of Origin or course orientation. Our Mpower Financing Review will explain all you need to know about the Company. Then the closing part will determine the credibility of the Company.

Read on below to learn more about the Company.

Mpower Financing Review: About the Company

Mpower Financing Review: get sufficient funding for your studies abroad at a fixed-rate interest. Here is how you can do it:

Mpower Financing is similar to a crowdfunding platform that sponsors international students for studies in over one hundred and ninety (190) supported universities. The organization is growing a humanitarian project to remove barriers set by social boundaries.

As shown on the Mpower Financing website, the Company expressly works to achieve this goal:

“We’re a passionate team of global citizens on a mission to make socioeconomic mobility borderless.”

The company goes further by including loan packages for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and immigrants.

Also, the Mpower Financing platform offers funds to international students who do not have a substantive credit history. It means that you don’t need collaterals, vouchers, or cosigners to get a scholarship loan from the Company.

Besides Mpower Financing student loans, you can also get career tips or professional assistance. Another plus to the credibility of Mpower Financing Admin is that it is published on the website. On a visit, you can view the entire managerial wing and also read their efforts to improve the services on the platform.

Moreover, our Mpower Financing Review gathers that the platform is a top list clincher in the following aspects:

  • Best Loan Platform for Undergraduate/Graduate Studies
  • Best Loan Platform for International Students/Immigrants
  • And also best Loans without cosigners.

So far the Company Services suit the prospects for international students seeking scholarship funds. The following sections of our Mpower Financing Review look at the services cache.

Mpower Financing Review: Target Beneficiaries

Mpower Financing Review: target beneficiaries for the loan offers in the Mpower platform include global undergraduate and graduate students. Since the loans do not depend on the student’s previous history paying debts, it serves African students who may find it difficult getting a cosigner. They only have to make good on their loan contract to get the loan after meeting the requisite criteria. 

However, the provisions in the Mpower Financing Loans only cater to studies in Canada and the USA. And it further supports funding in at least three hundred (200) institutes, universities, etc.

Mpower Financing Review: Loans & Services

Regardless of a few stringent rules about the repayment period, Mpower Loan is only an overture. You can also get other offers from the platform such as:

Annual Scholarship troika for Women in STEM Mpower Global Citizen Scholarship, and Monthly Scholarship Series. (Currently valued at $3000, $1000, $500; $5000, $1000, $1000; and $1000, $500, $500 respectively)

  • Career Options
  • Paid Internships
  • CV Management

It also helps you to leverage networking skills to grow your business.

Moreover, you can get loans from the Mpower Finance organization for specific interests accruing over two school periods. The amounts could be anything in the order of $2000-$50000, and it is payable through a ten (10) years repayment spill-over.

The loan procurement process costs a 5% origination fee (surcharge pegged to your debt). Subsequently, you become eligible for interest discounts depending on the requirements below:

  • Since repayment is feasible via online payment platforms, you can get a 0.5% discount for automatic remittals.
  • You also get another 0.5% discount for sustained automatic payment over six (6) months.
  • Lastly, you can get a 0.5% discount if you are demonstrably a graduate and now have work. 

Further, you only get to pay the interest while in school. After graduation, you can pay up left-over interests over the Mpower deferment period (six months). The chunk of the loan is payable over ten (10) years after graduation. 

What is unique about the loan? Our Mpower Financing Review learns that borrowers can apply for forbearance, although the details remain vague on the website.

Graduate Loans for Domestic Students

Mpower Financing Review: get a loan from Mpower Financing for studies in Canadian and North American Higher Institutions at the tallied interest rates. The organization offers loans to students living in the USA and Canada at the fixed interests shown below:

7.99% fixed interest Rate

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 8.89%

Valid for ten (10) years’ worth of $2001-$25000 loan

Mpower Graduate Loans: Fixed Interest Rates for International Students

Mpower Financing Review: this loan offer for international graduate students allows them to continue their studies in Canada and the USA at fixed interest rates. It also does not require strong credentials before the loan application.

Since there are few organizations offering loans at rates amenable to the size of a student’s pockets, you can clinch this chance and secure Mpower graduate loans at low prices.

Below are the applicable interests tallied to the $2001-$25000 loan:

11.99% fixed interest rate

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 12.94%

And the loan is available for ten (10) years.

Mpower Financing Review: meet the eligibility criteria in the section below and qualify for Mpower Financing Loan.

Eligibility: Criteria for Loan Application

Mpower Financing provides loans to only the students who meet its eligibility criteria. You can see the requisite details below to see if you are eligible for a loan application:

The Student must be living in Canada or the USA all through the school period.

Also, the student must ensure to have an admission offer from supported institutions in Canada or the USA.

Student’s course program remains just two (2) years to round up

Lastly, the student must be from an eligible country and also have a non-incriminating history before application.


To round up this Mpower Financing Review, we highlight a few important points about the Mpower loans.

Although the loans are available for studies in Canadian and USA universities, they do not cover origination fees. You also have to pay interest if you default on an auto-payment. 

Additionally, the choice of schools may be too slim for many international students. But besides these few issues, Mpower Financing Loan is a top-notch customer-oriented service.

As You Apply Below remember that it is very important to invest time and effort in reading this article when one is applying for the scholarships, (Use the Fund your own dream international student loan link found below to proceed with your application).


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