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Mpgun is a hack for downloading videos and every other uploaded YouTube content in specified file formats.

If you are using the software, you can convert videos from Google YouTube into low-data HD, MP4, and MP3 files, download them into your mobile phones or PCs and pin the widget as an extension on your Chrome browser for easy access.

All of these operations are third-party bypass guides for avoiding Google YouTube subscriptions while downloading unlimited content for free.

Although the site is an on par solution for getting any YouTube content, it also coopts loads of trash ads, spam, and lots of potentially malicious click baits. Whenever a user sidesteps the usual YouTuber subscribe button, he often winds up with options like Mpgun.

 If you have used the app on your web browser at any time, ensure that all widgets and privacy data aren’t compromised by malware. Don’t overlook the possibility since viruses are often found with third-party apps. How is this possible?

Everyone is looking to monetize a bit of the internet. Some sites are outright black hat-ads runners, using a splash of pop-up thirst-traps, malware, and APIs leading to unsecured sites, all of which have dire consequences on your browser.

Further, some of the ads often create hoaxes and fake alerts drive traffic to the site behind it. So, you might see a gaudy banner displaying VIRUS THREAT! But when you click on it, you are redirected to an entirely different website (mostly bet or date hookups).

Why are some of these Mpgun ads dangerous to your device? The answer is DOX.

Hackers can dox your privacy info, hack into your user accounts, and possibly breach your mobile banking apps.

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Mpgun Virus: Delete Malwares, More

One attack method of third-party apps is to replicate the same content on the internet using different websites. Mpgun does the same thing. However, it gets scarier since some web browser extensions support the app.

As it happens, many PC products and smartphone brands are susceptible to ads nuisance. So, we explain the basic steps for clearing your computer or smartphone of any virus. How can you tell that your device needs cleaning? Check for the following signs:

  • Slow page loading speed,
  • UI of any website opened on the browser becomes an open-source ads-running software,
  • Intermittent pop-up ads covering the monitor,
  • Persistent marketing ads and sign-up slates, etc.


The issue is that downloading these ads doesn’t require your consent. It basically uses deceptive content as a market pitch. If a legit commercial wants to sell a product to you, it puts out verifiable and reliable content.

Concealed PUAs are also the most effective media for relaying harmful ads to your PC or smartphone. You will have to learn to detox (clear your PC operating system of viruses). Below are several options for removing such malware from your PC or smartphone.

  • Remove Mpgun app extension from your mobile browser

You can preempt any possible virus attacks by unpinning any add-on to your web browser, ensuring that the space is free from cookies snuck in your data cache.

Also, check the Privacy section. Sometimes, overlooked compliance is culpable for third parties blithely hacking your mobile phone browsers.

Moreover, you can verify that the site is not a doxing widget from the Custom and Advanced options.

  • Download Combo Cleaner Antivirus

Actually, there are options for Windows PC, Mac, etc.

You can limit your browser accessibility by setting notification to DENY.

The following steps work for Google Chrome devices, generally.

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  2. Select ADVANCED from the available options.
  4. Also, click on CONTENT SETTINGS.
  5. Then, select NOTIFICATIONS from the drop-down menu.

Subsequently, you can block any dubious ads-running UI by clicking on REMOVE (select the function from the three-dot menu icon on the UI webpage).

Alternatively, Android users can accomplish the same task by following these steps. Click on PERMISSIONS. Then select NOTIFICATIONS from the options. Click on OFF to block any unauthorized access.

  • Reset to Default

If you consider the extent of damage, you may have to set your browser to default configurations. 

You can use this procedure for PC browsers like Internet Explorers and Mac particularly. However, the process will cost you some valuable setups pinned to your browser.

See Mpgun alternatives in the following section.

Alternative Sites

Video downloader apps are often harmless to your PC, especially coming from a provider’s site. However, third-party options pose a potential security breach that could expose your device OP to virus attacks.

If you must watch a YouTube video, use the in-platform streaming service. Subsequent operations like downloading the videos might lead to rooting for a third-party app.

So, here are the options. Instead of editing YouTube URLs, find the preferred video on suitable social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Then, use the video downloader links to download it.

GenYoutube allows you to edit the HTTP address before it starts downloading the uploaded vid. However, you may not get the optimum video quality using the available conversions.

4k Video Downloader is another viable option, offering user privacy security to an extent.

KeepVid runs fairly-efficient prgrams. But it is still snagged by viruses.

Mpgun Conclusion

Sticking with the provider’s site is the best safety check against downloading viruses or exposing PCs and smartphones to malware attacks.

You can find software for free YouTube video downloads. But, like Mpgun, such options always windup using privacy-compromising ads to generate revenues. They are usually available for free after all.

Regardless, you can troubleshoot most cases using the procedures and suggestions in this post. 

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