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Mp4Mania Movies: also known as HDMp4Mania, the platform offers Mp4 download options to lovers of Bollywood/Hindi and Hollywood movies. As the name suggests, the Mp4Mania website is also home to HD-format movies.

Through the download links on the platform, you can access FZMovies curtailed for fans of Bollywood and wrestling pro shows. Also, the website uses a mix of O2TVSeries, FZMovies, etc. to serve up a detailed cache of entertainment wires.

Learn more about the Mp4Mania Movies and how you can download them in this article.

Mp4Mania Movies: Overview

The first impression you get on the website is a menu of WWE-themed wrestling matches, anime pictures, and other items all in HD or MP4.

Previously, we mentioned that the website links to o2tvseries (and o2tvseries clones). This avails you of updates on Hollywood action-packed movie trailers. Even if a movie was not shot in a US Cinema, the Mp4Mania website offers English subtitles.

What’s more?

If you are familiar with the FZMovies/o2tvseries duo, you will find the same features on The reason is that all icons for navigating the Mp4Mania website sync with those of FZMovies/o2tvseries.

But while the other two websites offer more file formats, Mp4Mania Movies only has download options for Mp4 and HD.

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What to Expect

The top media content in the Mp4Mania Movies categories are action thrillers and WWE matches. The wrestling cache includes options for downloading pay-per-views and more.

Other special treats from the platform include the following:

  • Updated pages for downloading free movies.
  • Captivating Indian action movies
  • Hollywood action films
  • Additionally, flicks, are based on romance, adventure, and themes.

See what the Mp4Mania Movies categories look like in the following section.

Mp4Mania Categories

Mp4Mania Movies easily stand out from the clutter of movie download channels. For instance, the platform records increased download traffic recently than other plugs like Zee World and Start Love.

If you wish to download movies without frequent redirects, you can use the Mp4Mania website.

The available wrestling shows in the Mp4Mania Movies category are:

TNA Wrestling


WWE SmackDown

NXT (Special Events)

Also, you can get particular content like Indian TV Shows, Web/Drama Series, related podcasts, etc.

The Indian movies on Mp4Mania typically feature on Netflix and other entertainment hubs.

Other items in this cache include English TV series dramas, Indian Action trailers, and anime (including options for kid and adult content).

Movies in the categories above are available for free. For instance, you only need enough space and the right file size on your PC or mobile device to download a movie or wrestling match from Mp4Mania in HD/Mp4.

Subsequently, the website keeps your enthusiasm up with movie updates that’ll brighten your day. So, without a prior subscription, you can enjoy media content on Mp4Mania from the comfort of your home.

How do you get started?

You only need a mobile phone/device or a PC. Then you can select any movie from the Mp4Mania menu of download options.

See the download steps below.

How to Download Movies from Mp4Mania

You can download movies from Mp4Mania using the following steps:

  1. Search (or using a reliable browser.
  2. Scroll through your preferred movie category and select a movie.
  3. Or, you can shortcut an item on the category through the alphabetical arrangement.
  4. When you locate a movie, opt for a file format option.
  5. Then, select either HD or Mp4.

Finally, click on Download.

How to Download Mp4mania Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies is one of the categories that is used to separate other related files. This section provides you with action, thriller, drama, and crime Bollywood Blockbuster movies that you can watch with your friends, spouse, or family on the MP4mania platform.

Therefore, you can follow the steps below to download free Bollywood movies on the MP4mania platform.

  • First, go to on your PC or mobile phone
  • Then you scroll down to the categories and click Bollywood MP4
  • You can start seeing movies directly from that page.
  • Then use the search by Alphabet to narrow your search.
  • After that, you click on the movies and choose the download format.
  • You also have to click again on the option “Click Here to Go to Download Page”
  • Then pick the download server and click continue download.

Note that when selecting your download format, the option HD MP4 Format might be shown to you and it will direct you to another website where you can still download movies with the use of the same next above to have the movie downloaded to your PC OR mobile phone.

You can finally have access to all of your favorite Bollywood Movies that are on the MP4mania movies platform.

Steps to Download Hollywood Movies On Mp4mania Movies

However, the downloading process of Hollywood MP4 in English or Hollywood dubbed MP4 in Hindi and other categories that are provided by the MP4Mania  movies section is actually the same as the downloading process of Bollywood movies.

As we said above, the first thing to do is to click on the link above and:

  • Scroll down to choose either Hollywood MP4 or Hollywood Dubbed MP4
  • After that, you click on the movies or you use the search with a letter to find your movies.
  • Then click the different download links that are provided, you can make use of the section above.
  • Then you select the download format “In HD MP4 Format”.
  • And it will direct you to the HDMP4Mania.

you can also check the details concerning the movies and scroll down to click the download icon. But, you will be provided with the different download links, then you continue clicking on the provided link un till when you reach the section and continue downloading.

then you finally click on the icon and the movie download process will start immediately.


There are many fascinating media contents you can download from the Mp4Mania Movies web page. You can download all of them using the steps outlined above.

Further, the Mp4Mania website has daily updates on Bollywood, Hollywood, and wrestling videos you can download for free.

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