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MP4 Juice: You can download free music videos, convert YouTube videos, and listen to your favorite Mp3/Mp4 songs using the app.

The app contains as much content as other media vids plugs like GenYouTube and MpGun. However, it goes a step further by providing APK versions that are compatible with various smartphones and PCs.

What’s the deal with these later APK iterations, though? They allow the user to convert videos from (say) YouTube to small data size versions, proffering choices for either the Mp3 or Mp4.

It’s not much work. You need only enter the video title into the available space, click on the search button, and select a file size that matches your device storage capacity. So, you don’t have to do any work at all.

MP4 Juice is actually fun to use. It is like a categories portal, sorting many music videos and audio songs into relevant search results and tags.

Also, it has intuitive features that work fast and reliably on any mobile device or PC (unless the user installed an app block).

Learn more about MP4 Juice in this article.

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MP4 Juice: How it Works

As with all internet media content plugs, MP4 Juice only requires stable internet connectivity, data, and storage space to download and use.

Upon visiting the site, you can access loads of videos and YouTube compressed files (about 2 MB to 50 MB size). Depending on the available space in your smartphone, you will have to choose a megabyte from the list.

Further, the app and APK work on various web browsers (Opera, Chrome, Firebox, Mozilla, Edge, etc.).

Here is how to download content (videos or blank audio pages, it makes no matter) from the site.

  • Open the official MP4 Juice website on any web browser of your choice (preferably use the app or the latest APK version from a provider link).
  • Select SEARCH from the homepage.
  • Type in the video title or music content of your preference.
  • Click on SEARCH to access the list of available results in the in-platform search engine.
  • You can scroll through the entries and select content that suits your device. Note: search results can include related keywords, tags, and recent uploads (as suggestions). So, you have the complete options to select titles without making do with unwanted results.
  • Depending on your preference, you can watch the media vid online before downloading it to your mobile phone or PC.
  • Finally, click on DOWNLOAD (unless you only want to watch the video online and move to the next one).

How can you download your preferred music videos or audio songs from the platform? See the following section for details.

How to Download Mp4 Songs/Music Videos

You have two options for downloading MP4 Juice content: the MP4 Juice official website and Apps/APKs.

Whichever one you choose, you will have to use these steps to download it from the site. (Remember: you need a reliable internet connection, browsing data, and enough storage capacity)

If you prefer the app to web portals, use this procedure.

  • Go Google Play Store (the app may not be there, albeit APKs will suffice for this process).
  • Install the app/APK into your smartphone or PC.
  • Open the app/APK and type your preferred titles into the available search space.
  • Finally, you can click on the result to your liking to start downloading it (or you can play it on the app if you want).

If you prefer the web portal, use this procedure.

  • You can search the MP4 Juice APK provider site online, opt for the homepage search feature, enter the keyphrase into the box, and click on the search button.
  • Either stream online or download the results to your mobile phone or PC.

Does it work on Apple products?

No, the MP4 Juice app is not compatible with any Apple device. Some Apple phone users download hacks and mod software to enable them to use MP4 Juice.

What can you expect from the platform? See the following section for details.

What to Expect: Is MP4 Juice Safe?

You can find virtually everything from music and audio uploads to full (or clipped) podcasts.

Since most cropped contents are from YouTube and similar online plugs, MP4 Juice provides lots of quality and up-to-date vids from various fields like how-to-fix, entertainment, educational, reality shows, etc.

But is the site safe?

No, because you don’t have any warranty on Data Privacy, implying that you might lose personal information to third parties. Also, you can expect the same thing for any free, ads-running user apps (especially ones that are not available on Google Play Store).

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