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Mp3Skull also known as Skull Mp3 was the trendy space for downloading hit jams from 2010-to 2016 until it ran into copyright infringement issues. But it appears that some of the basic features are back on track in some places.

So, expect your favorite packages from the site.

What is Mp3Skull anyway?

The music platform is a sure plug for accessing MP3 song video links, sometimes using third-party sites. It offered one the best music media content for a while, resurfacing online with new and relatable features lately.

Its current iteration has quite an intuitive UI and useful prompts to guide the newbie through the download steps. All it takes is a quick search and sufficient data balance.

Mp3Skull not only provides hits but also coopts uploaded songs from third-party websites, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. The download categories are replete with genre options for the users.

As you might expect, the site was popular, with many people preferring it to subscription-based sites.

If you want to get an Mp3 equivalent of a trending HD track on YouTube, here is how to go about it.

  • Either search the internet looking for a YouTube video converter (which might require registration/sign-up),
  • Or use a ready option _ Mp3 Skull.

Even if you have a reliable converter on your mobile device, you could fast-track the download process by simply searching and downloading it from this site.

Learn more about the music website in this article.

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Mp3Skull: Get Free YouTube HD Videos

You could get any HD video from YouTube from Mp3 Skull in 2014.

Alexa stats showed top traffic in West Africa came from Nigeria. Also, the fad was to get direct download links for a Premium-tagged video on any site (Mostly SoundCloud and YouTube).

At the time, the platform ranked in the top five hundred (500) best-rated websites, checking for various stats and viewer/download traffic. Most of the visitors typically looked up the free audio & video song options on the site.

HD video conversion was the way to describe Mp3Skull to a newbie. And who wouldn’t want to watch those contents for free? Probably non-fans!

The gist is _

Integrate videos and morph the quality to fit the data specification;

Provide alternative links to a single title, allowing users to choose the one that works in their region;

Download videos without a subscription.

And it’s quite fulfilling how Mp3 Skull delivers these goals without a glitch. Providing access to the Mp3-converted HD videos does the trick and drives traffic to the website.

But that’s not all. The current Mp3 Skull site is a rebrand of what was left of its previous iteration. See a peek at the censorship in the following section.

Pirated content & Shut Down

One of the rules of DMCA is copyright authorization. As such, you cannot share or edit private digital content without the consent of the owner(s).

Apparently, Mp3 Skull breached the protocol by rendering so many HD songs in Mp3 formats, with several record labels filing lawsuits. The brand reportedly paid one hundred and ten million dollars ($110 000 000) to IsoHunt and eighty million dollars ($80 000 000) to Hotfile.

The RIAA reported that Mp3Skull was complicit in a meshwork of pirated content using over one million URLs.

Later, the clampdown on the site began, resulting in Google taking the site off its Search Engine.

After a four-year lull, the operators put up another App on Google Play Store, although the ratings and user feedback are notably low. The new app seems to have a better UI than the previous one, though.

There is no piracy notice against the new site. So, you can use it to download any songs that you want. How does it work? See below

How to Download Songs from the Site

  • Go to the official Mp3Skull website (preferably, get the mobile app from Google Play Store).
  • Click on the search box.
  • Now enter the song title and click on SEARCH.
  • Select the data size that suits your mobile device (the option is MP3)
  • Click on DOWNLOAD.


The website is not visible on the internet, despite using different URLs to bypass censorship lately. Use a trusted site instead.

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