MP3 Juice CC | About the Application & APKs | Is It Safe?

MP3 juice CC is a mobile app that allows you to download any number of media content, audio songs, music videos, podcasts, etc.

If you have any experience downloading songs/videos from an entertainment app, you can expect a similar service from this plug. MP3 juice CC also gives you access to categories of enjoyable vids. All it takes to get the app is the download step.

Further, as with most free apps, MP3 juice CC has too many APKs and clones, setting the user base by the ears. How do you sort the original product from clones?

We explain key features of the mobile app in this article, including details about third-party ads on it. Read on below for more information.

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MP3 juice CC: App no Longer On Playstore

MP3 juice CC used to be available on Google Play store until recently.

The iterations in use today are mostly APKs (and clones from third-party APIs), allowing users to continue accessing loads of exciting music categories with a subscription.

What Can You Do With The APKs?

Although the mobile application is elusive, you can access similar values/contents via the APK installments on the internet. All you have to do is find a provider’s website, check the specification (for updated features, improvements, and lain off widgets), choose a download folder, and start downloading it into your mobile phone or PC.

It sources uploaded music videos from Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and YouTube, providing them as alternative HD (also MP4 and MP3) file formats.

Why Use MP3 juice CC?

The most obvious benefit of using MP3 juice CC is the free service that it offers to music lovers.

It is basically optimized for multiple song downloads without spending a dime on Premium. Every uploaded content is available to users.

Although it is absurd to expect an SSL website security encryption from an ad-using free downloads website, MP3 juice CC providers promise it, besides speedy song/vid download commands for Android and iOS products.

It is also compatible with Windows and Mac (no proof for Mac yet).

Point in Case: Minimal action in the user environment

Suppose you want to listen to a song but not necessarily download it to your mobile device you can use MP3 juice CC (on short notice).

Immersive actions like find-and-execute operations would require the user to copy the video link (or audio song) to the clipboard, ensure that the URL is correct, and click on DOWNLOAD. The songs download instantly, without the user monitoring the process for pop-up prompts.

Available Search engines include the following:






MP3 juice CC: Downsides

Although the app is a great improvement on APK version entertainment plugs, it has its downsides. For one, it doesn’t yield results for the Yandex Search Engine.

Also, most of the alternative search Engine APIs are cosmetic, yielding blank pages instead of the required content.

Moreover, some download links are baits, which makes MP3 juice CC a site to be wary of while downloading stuff. As it happens, the platform is a third-party, unavailable on Google Play Store for the same reason (although some dubbed APKs snuck in severally from time to time).

Additionally, the app is subject to clone attacks, with the Google search for MP3 juice CC yielding several domains. It smacks UNSECURE if anything.

Is it safe to use the APKs/App? See the conclusion below for details.

Conclusion: Is it Safe to Use the App/APK?

A PR/provider site mentions 4Chan as one of the destinations for importing media to MP3 juice CC, which is a big red flag. 

Given the level of ads on the site, user discretion is necessary, precluding teenagers from using the app by default. Further, the UI (cluttered with ads) will be unnavigable to app users, although the user environment has basic features.

So, what’s the verdict?

The app/APK is generally not secure for users. However, it provides many integrations, allowing users to access multiple contents from different platforms.


All third-party apps/APKs are pro ads and will likely bait you to click on the links on the site.

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