Mortgage Calculator | How it Works, Amortization, MobileApps

A Mortgage Calculator simplifies the manual task of factoring taxes and insurance into monthly mortgage repayment using intuitive formula.

It uses simulations and automated features to solve problems about profit and loss mortgage terms.

The variables taken into account vary with the choice of a calculator. If you want a basic lay of the loan terms, consult the public Mortgage Calculator on the official Financial Protection Bureau website.

Also, you can familiarize yourself with the expressions used in the reckoning in this article. One such word is amortization.

Real estate is at the intersection of seemingly disparate fields, making it a daunting topic for laypeople. Advanced calculators involve insurance and tax drafts, interpolating monthly repayments from the corresponding equations.

Perhaps you are only meeting this topic for the first time? If so, you need not worry about the math. Your concern ought to be getting the correct inputs into the software. Then, sit back and watch as your preferred Mortgage Calculator solves the rest.

Learn more about this financial tool here in this article.

Mortgage Calculator: What It Is

Here is a quick way to grasp what Mortgage Calculator is.

Suppose you want to buy a house. Several things need fixing for the house hunt to begin. In hindsight, you might want to take your chances with a mortgage, get a repayable loan, and work out the remittances per month.

The first approach to the above scenario is to liaise with a realtor or any other agency to broker the purchases for you. But left alone, a buyer is only one end of the trade tunnel. At the other end is a seller hoping to make profits by scaling prices on the slightest remiss.

So, to ensure you do not fall for a scam, you will have to enlist the services of a mortgage broker. Technology, however, makes prospecting for a house even more convenient than your agent could. Tech offers you Mortgage Calculator.

At the start, only a few sites (owned by organizations) could boast of the instruments. But internet exposure and the boom in real estate pricing proliferate calculators. Currently, the available reckoners offer integrated features. You can even access them on public websites.

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It Breaks the Big Maths

Fact Check: How do calculators solve the issue of partly or wholly financing house lease/purchases?

You can infer the result from the scenario below.

Working out mortgage costs presents two options to the buyer:

  1. Either consult a compound interest table,
  2. Or use a calculator.

After years of consistency, the device became an indispensable tool in the hands of every mortgage purchaser.

It literally crunches the formula below into the screen of a gadget that uses algorithms to find the annuities per month. Here is the formula in a question.

C = P [ r(1 + r)^n ] / [ (1 + r)^n – 1]

But the rigorous part is simplified for you. Some organizations provide software that tracks the aggregated variables in different places in real-time.

In this way, you need only click on the range you have in mind to get the applicable stats. Yet, many people prefer to have the results worked out on request and displayed on the screen.

See how the mortgage payment works in the following section.

How a Mortgage Calculator Works

In the above formula, the parameters provide answers for fixed-rate interests.

C = monthly repayment on the loan

P = principal. As in the annuity formula, P shows the loan amount.

N = states the loan term, the period elapsed until the repayment.

r = the interest (or applicable rate).

Note: you don’t merely fill figures into any space on the calculator. Ensure you understand the specifications before using the feature. So, we briefly explain it below (this draft works for

  • Select Home Price.
  • Indicate the price you wish to bid.
  • Also, indicate the cash in hand under Down Payment.
  • Now, specify the Interest Rate.
  • Set the Loan Term to your preference by hovering the plus/minus sign.

Other prompts, besides these guides, lead you to successfully enter the relevant figures, including tax estimates, insurance, and miscellaneous fees.

What is Amortization?

Mortgage terms can imply that you own an intangible asset besides giving you a loan.

In financing as well as in hedging calculations that foray into math, amortization represents that loans wear off the contract. This parameter in your loan contract only follows one variable: the loan term, N (in the formula above).

How does it affect your mortgage?

You won’t be making much input in this aspect. Also, your lender presets the pricing to reflect repayments in line with the maturity date.

As regards tax and insurance, though, amortization takes on a more intricate aspect than a balance check. While some calculators can broach the task, they are not readily available in the public domain, especially as the involved parameters are complex.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator offers you charts and graphs in a mobile app. Also, Mortgage by Zillow and US Mortgage Calculator are further examples, with options to work out the rates and fees.

However, you hardly get such algorithms for advanced amortization in a mobile app.

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