Mido Finance Review | Passive Incomes, Reward Programs, and Ponzi?

Mido Finance Review: the platform offers passive incomes, starting with the typical mission to pioneer crypto inclusivity and optimal yield.

The website is worded like the help-newbies spin of most crypto multi-level marketing networks. But unlike most sites you’ve probably come across, Mido Finance is one of the few that bring jargon and lots of reward programs to the table.

According to the site, Mido Finance started with a gaggle of tech experts mustering all hands-on widgets to develop a sustainable crypto project. What is in the admin mix?

The operators consist of financial experts, IT professionals, blockchain developers, and so on. Hence, the range of investment areas includes DEFI (decentralized finance), DEX (Decentralized Exchange), and NFT (Non-fungible Token). But these avenues take a profitable veneer on Mido Finance, according to promoters.

Our Mido Finance Review considers all aspects of investing with a crypto asset aggregator (?), explains the reward programs, and gives an honest verdict about the prospects of investing in the platform.

See below for detailed information.

Mido Finance Review: What Does the Platform Offer?

The company offers clients proper risk management, the best trading strategies, and huge profits eventually.

If only for reference, we provide a clip that shows the next offer from Mido Finance below.

Every day our analysts study new proposals in the DEFI sector and choose only the best and most reliable investment options.

If you keep a tab on developments in crypto trades, you can see that the clip above describes an aggregator, although Mido Finance merely implies it. We will get back to this aspect of leveraging Defi for NFTs later.

Here is one last offer from the platform below.

Reselling NFTs by leveraging the best options for the greatest profits

From the start, the aim is to get the best results in one ensemble for easy access. Although the method is gaining reception among many crypto trading communities, it still meets firm rebuffs from many. Why is this so? The reason is transparency.

Also, investing in one bracket asset involves forfeiting privacy information. The reason is that your preferred aggregator might cede user information to third-party affiliates to reduce transaction fees and workload, optimize the result, and yield profits in the specified period.

In this regard, the user puts up with zero chances of filing litigation charges.

Is there any legal backup for this business? See the section below for what our Mido Finance Review finds about this.

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Regulation, License, Any Legal Papers All?

The evidence of registration in the US that appears on Mido Finance is not so much a legal backing as its Dubai PO. Box.

Mido Finance was supposedly incorporated on August 31 of this year, confirming it barely operated for a few months.

The CBLS No is 11723152 for the business name, MIDO GROUP LTD. Also, the BL Local No is ICC20210999.

Despite claiming to have a regulation in the US, Mido Finance does not even publish evidence on the website.

So, the legal information is a sloppy piece of work, preferring address and vaguely-hinted incorporation. Does it mean that Mido Finance is operating illegally? If addresses and indexed offices are all the data that ever passes for legal information on mido-finance.com, they are not legitimizing files.

See the next section of this Mido Finance Review for the compensation plans.

Affiliate Compensation

From the onset, Mido Finance mentions that affiliates can earn ROIs, passive incomes at that, from their investments in the company. Below are the available plans and their corresponding deposits, returns, and validity period.

Maximum (peaks at 247.4% after 67 days) _ pays 2.2% for 0.74-1.83076 BTC deposits in your account.

Maximum (peaks at 234% after 67 trading days) _ pays 2% daily for 0.37-0.8658 BTC deposits.

Premium (peaks at 208.3% after 57 trading days) _ earns you 1.9% daily for 0.259-0.539497 BTC deposits.

Premium (peaks at 196.9% after the 57 days) _ earns you 1.7% per day for 0.148-0.291412BTC.

Business (peaks at 175.2% after 47 days, which marks the trade period) _ earns you 1.6% per day for 0.111-0.194472 BTCs

Business (peaks at 151.7% after 47 days) _ pays 1.4% daily for 0.074-0.122692BTCs

Advanced (peaks at 148.1% after 37 days, which marks the trade period) _ pays 1.3% daily for 0.037-0.054797BTCs.

Advanced (peaks at 140.7% after 37 days) _ earns you 1.1% per day for deposits of 0.015-0.021105BTCs

Base (peaks at 127% after 27 days, the trade period) _ earns you 1% for 0.007-0.00889BTCs.

Base (peaks at 121.6% after 27 days) _ pays you 0.8% daily for 0.001-0.001216BTC

Minimum (deposit 0.001 BTC for a 104.9% ROI) _ gets you 0.7% for only seven (7) days.

Besides the above compensation, reward programs and rank promos are plenty on the website. Affiliates can supposedly earn from any of these caches.

However, the first thing about an investment plug is credence. Is Mido Finance good for investment (recruitments or partnership wise)? The answer is no.

See the following section of our Mido Finance Review for reasons.

Is Mido Finance Legit or Ponzi?

Mido Finance Review: the platform starts failing the legitimacy test from the beginning. The first one is the legal aspect.

No Legal Framework

Mido Finance lacks a license.

Whenever scammers wish to obfuscate legal procedures, they haul irrelevant incorporation and office address into the picture. Mido Finance does exactly the same thing.

Besides, there is no idea who owns or runs the website, minus a proxy claiming to be the CEO.

No Trades Whatsoever

The surest sign of a scam is a platform offering what it doesn’t have. There is no hint of even a demo trade on the Mido Finance official website.

Our review only finds several schedules of ICO, DEX, and listing projects. None of which equates to real-time trading on the platform.

Copy Cat

Previously, the clip (in bold print) from the website shows that Mido Finance attempts to aggregate listings and analytics from various counters to optimize profits. But that is where all the semblance to a DEX aggregator ends.

For the record, there is no mention of the platform outside the website. So, the DEX part is not available, after all. Against this backdrop, users queue to earn passive incomes, which makes Mido Finance a Ponzi.

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