Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016 | Which Should You Buy? Pros and Cons

Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016: buy either Office 2016 as a singly-purchased product, or Microsoft 365 on recursive monthly/annual purchase  

While the former is one of several MS Offices, the latter is the entire cache, relying on cloud, tacked-on updates. Since the two designs are different, their prices reflect their extent of use. To set a clear picture, 

Take the MS Office 2016 offer if you do not want the lot. 

Otherwise, go for Microsoft 365, containing several MS Offices, for monthly/yearly subscriptions.

This article helps you understand the Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016 pair-off and why either choice is the right pick depending on the purpose, cost, etc. Read on below for more details.

Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016: Overview

Famous software (chiefly OS) creators are rearing for an entire transition to annual subscription services. Instead of a one-off monthly sprint, users can now go the whole year for an improved product. One good example is Adobe, with Microsoft soon to follow. Impliedly, some features are skewed for the annual subscriptions, including updates and possible freebies.

But while we are on the topic, let us focus the conversation around the Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016 duo.

Suppose you have to decide on a purchases method, which of the two would you pick? Typically, the prices and features would determine the result. Office 2016 sells singly for a higher price than the cached Microsoft 365. While using the product on your PC, you might need a better version. And sometime after the update, you might yet want another installation (say, the Office 2019). Microsoft 365 offers all the versions at affordable prices.

Instead of a steady climb, why not leapfrog the iterations using Microsoft 365? The reason is that often, users stick to a pattern. Old habits die hard, they say. But Office 2016 subscriptions may tell on your wallet if you keep to it.

We will attempt to clarify the differences between the products in the following sections.

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Microsoft 365, Home & Personal

Microsoft 365, decidedly the optimum service for Home and Personal use, also offers multi-purpose tools for schools, businesses, etc. 

Further, it has sync options, simultaneous with real-time, for different files on your PC or Mac. Like we mentioned previously, the constant updates at zero extra charges are particular to Microsoft 365. Isolated services like Office 2016 and 2019 do not have this advantage.

Surprisingly, there is no noticeable weighted price for Microsoft 365, which offers more usability than Office 2016.

Other offers you can enjoy on this product include:

Microsoft Word


Security Updates


The app works on multiple cellphones, Macs, PCs, etc., unlike the MS Offices.

Adaptability for Businesses, Non-Profits, and Schools.

Note that the above list is not necessarily the full benefits of Microsoft 365, which Microsoft clumps around fixes and latest features

Now, let us look at the Office 2016 bit for good measure.

Office 2016, Always the One-Off Service

So far, the only edge that Office 2016 has in the Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016 match is maintaining free security automatic updates. Not that the update is unavailable on Microsoft 365, but it might be enough to make a user stick to Office 2016.

You still have OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and MS Word 2016, besides the security updates. But you will have to buy new installations of these services when Microsoft releases them.

So, how does Office 2016 measure up to Microsoft 365? Find the answer in the next section.

Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016: Conclusion

From the onset, the Microsoft 365 VS Office 2016 services are on a disparate scale, with Office 2016 coming out several features lighter. So, to provide a par analysis, we shift the metric to users’ purpose.

If you want MS Office for use around the home, you can buy Office 2016 (or the MS Office 2019). However, more demanding tasks require better handling than traditional tools. That is where MS 365 is important.

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